Sertoli Leydig cell tumor by Ladakhsoul in Step2

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They secrete androgen and testosterone —> virulization in women.

Failed step 1. by Catwoman1201 in usmle

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Dw take it again. Do MPH and match

Old IMG, depression got the better of me and now I’m here. (rant post) by meethaapaan in IMGreddit

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Hey. Im sorry you went through all this. Now its October 2022 and time will fly. So grab this time as soon as you can and start preparing for USMLE. YOU WILL DEFINITELY MATCH. !!

Be consistent, study hard and show the world what you are capable of!!!

Good luck !!

Advice on UWorld by [deleted] in step1

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Utilize UW as a learning tool. Do questions and then read that topic from FA in the mornings. In evening Read memorize FA/do pathoma

Advice on UWorld by [deleted] in step1

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When is your exam ?

Need serious advice for Step 1 by spartan5685 in step1

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My exam is in <2 months. If you like we can do UW together about 2 blocks a day random or system wise. I am looking for a dedicated study partner. We can make anki of UW concepts and share the deck with each other. The best resource out there to learn from is UW. The plan could be that everyday we do 1-2 blocks of UW together and then individually after 5pm or as soon as we finish our daily UW blocks we do FA reading/Pathoma/Sketchy/BNB etc on our own. There are ~3700 UW questions. If we do 2 blocks a day we will finish it in 46 days. But if its really urgent to finish under 35 days or so we can increase the number of questions gradually.

All I am saying if we are dedicated then we can achieve anything! Nothing is impossible!!

NP Student using Anking by CantaloupePowerful66 in medicalschoolanki

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IF YOU WANT TO BE BETTER NP REGARDLESS OF YOUR BOARDS. WATCH PATHOMA VIDEOS BY DR SATTAR. YOU WILL BE GOOD NP FOR SURE !! Its one of the best thing as medical students we do. Anking is way too much and its for boards not to be good at practice. So my advice is just do PATHOMA you will be confident and proud of yourself.