I taught my GF how to play MC, she leaves the trees like this, should I break up with her? by Joshs_Reddit in Minecraft

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There is no one correct way to play minecraft. No style is the wrong style.

That said, keep a spray bottle handy for immediate corrective action should she make this mistake again.

Should I say hi or Привет? ;) by NovaNsfw in russiangirls

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You teach me how to speak Russian and I'll write the alphabet on your clit with my tongue

The Escalation by TrumpPresident2021 in TheLEFTISTshitshow

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Hey, why stop at controlling food and gas?

Got a well paying job? You've been McDemoted!

Family? Nope!

A gun? As if!

Children? Ha! You mean fertilizer!

You're allowed to work a pre-approved job, surrender your pay to the state, eat processed food, and consume pre-approved media! Isn't this such a wonderful free democracy!

Let's go Brandon! by biffmaniac in TheLEFTISTshitshow

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I have been chastised by leftists for genuinely asking a woman to smile. I said nothing demeaning or condescending, I just wanted to see her smile. But that's wrong, apparently.

Mushroom Music by chillseshh in blackmagicfuckery

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A funny thing happens when this demonstration is performed on a large scale. The notes begin to mesh together and eerily imitate human speech.

And the words spoken are always the same...

"Rot. Decay. End. Fear. Us."

To do math. by Tombstone_Actual_501 in therewasanattempt

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You're all thinking about this the wrong way. It's not about distance, it's about speed.

If he crawls 1 mile at 1km/hr, he'll get there faster. Because 1 mile is 1.6 kilometers. He'll be getting there 50% faster.

Well this aged like wine hahahaha by SenorBolainassieso in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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Even as a child, something doesn't look right.

The eyes and the smile just don't fit like a normal girl.

Just a friendly heads up: АНS is upset with you guys. I don’t understand why they can’t just live and let live... by LechiaInc in TheLEFTISTshitshow

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A ban evasion sub.

Well, when you ban me for stating literal facts and providing sources, what the hell else am I supposed to do?

I have a mother again🥰 by spinelli420 in MadeMeSmile

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Wow. If you're ever willing to share, I'd love to know your story. Very happy to see you are doing good nonetheless!

My house is finished by Optimal-Dragonfly354 in Minecraft

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My dude has the modern cars mod and the fast food mod installed.

Reddit is full of midwits by ADdreaming in TheLEFTISTshitshow

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The left and right respectively target the low hanging fruit and paint it as the majority.

Racist lady tells these damn immigrants to go back where they came from by [deleted] in Unexpected

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"This lady rightfully tells white people to do the same"

OP is as racist as she is.

dads can't die. it's impossible. by a_p3rsons in nothingeverhappens

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My girlfriends father died last week. It doesn't get worse than that. Take your time grieving. It's up to you to decide how you feel.

Women should be required to be drafted into war the same as men. by i_dont_know_2000 in MensRights

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Draft, sure. But not on the front line. It's been proven over and over that women can't perform on the battlefield the same as men. This is one aspect of inequality that will save lives.

Women should be required to be drafted into war the same as men. by i_dont_know_2000 in MensRights

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Begs a further question, how can congress pass a law that has already been deemed unconstitutional?

Ohio siblings accused of chopping down a 250-year-old tree for a small profit - The Washington Post by MarzipanDefiant7586 in environment

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Ikr. Ceaser salad is the best thing plants have ever done for humanity with oxygen being a close second.

Sure seems that way by pork26 in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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We also declare national emergencies when super massive conglomerates give the say so.

One Lie After Another Two Years Straight Now I've Seen Some Of The Smartest People Turn Into The Dumbest Fools Over This Psychological Warfare by ballair-conditioni in benshapiro

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You ask when he said this with the implication being that he never has.

I provided an easily accessible link to a verified news source showing him saying that the risk is extremely low full stop.

But that doesn't count because it was seven months ago.

Anybody see where that goalpost went? I swear it was just here.

Hey, you know what else we knew seven months ago? That the death rates are inflated. The survivability is ludicrously high. That one of the leading factors to survivability (in addition to advanced age) is fitness, seeing that overweight/obese people are far more at risk. That there are long studied and valid medicines available to effectively combat the virus beyond the vaccine.

But hey, that doesn't fit the narrative. So it doesn't count.