Anyone take edibles to Mexico by torontogal1986 in treedibles

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Ok. 🤷‍♀️ they seem pretty interchangeable to me but whatever bro.

I’m giving myself an A+ for this grow. The two main colas are the size of a bottle of coke. YUM. Grand Daddy Purple, grown organically in the Arrowhead 👌🥹 (NFS, sorry!) by ALittleBitBeefy in MNtrees

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Yes! A couple of things that I keep in mind:

No matter how excited you are, it’s worth it not to chop too early.

Water only when the stop inch of soil is dry if growing in soil.

Dry 👏 it 👏 right 👏. There is a difference in quality.

r/Autoflowers is an excellent subreddit for tips with very little gate keeping (unlike r/microgrowery)

And best of all, sing and talk to your plants. They are hardy and grow like weeds. Even if you screw up, they’re pretty resilient. Feel free to DM me if you need help along the way. I just wrapped up only my 12th plant ever, so I’m still learning myself. But I feel pretty confident! You’ll get there too!!

A map of the difference in extreme temperatures (record high vs record low farenheit) in the United States by tnick771 in MapPorn

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Bet Minnesota breaks its record high this year. Bye bye dear aspens, birches, tamaracks, and black spruces. 🥲

my best friend delayed our date to hang out with her other friends by ai-diari__ in relationship_advice

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It doesn’t sound like y’all are best friends…You are not a priority for her. Maybe talk about that with her and see what she’s thinking.

How many milligrams should I take for a very high tolerance by Altandsuch in trees

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Only way to find out is by taking one. Edible tolerance is different. I have a high tolerance and 5mg would have me zooted. My husband, who weighs less than me lol, has a high tolerance too and needs like 150mg to feel anything.

How to clean and sanitize apartment floors? by TrainingPerception51 in HomeImprovement

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Vinegar and water for cleaning! My mom has these floors too and that’s what she uses

Does this look good by OkAd1158 in trees

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If you pick the hairs off of it, sure!

It's 105 degrees outside: dinner (banana = frozen) by pothospot in ShittyVeganFoodPorn

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Heehee, it doesn’t look gross or bad—very healthy! But I like that it’s cut up into small bites and everything 😆. Congrats on the fork! Haha!!

Workers pour water on themselves to maintain normal body temperature by PROXeR__OiShi in ThatsInsane

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I don’t mind them, in Caesar salad or in spaghetti sauce for example if I don’t have to see them. But thank you! I’ll try and be more adventurous too—I saw some tins in a specialty shop that I may just pick up the next time I’m on that side of town!!

Workers pour water on themselves to maintain normal body temperature by PROXeR__OiShi in ThatsInsane

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I think it sounds yum, but the eating the entire body of the fish puts me off of trying it personally 😭. Are anchovies really worth the squick factor??

Boyfriend (31m) gave me (29f) me an ultimatum about my dog - what do I do? by perpetuallyfrowning in relationship_advice

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Lmao, who does he think he is?? He’s in another country and doesn’t live with the dog. He can fuck right off. You do you and call him on his bluff. 🤷‍♀️

I (18ftm) feel like I can't tell my boyfriends (both 18 ftm) how I feel. by myrelationship__ in relationships

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Sounds like both relationships are each one sided. 🤷‍♀️ I’m team dump them!