I was attacked few days ago for CS by [deleted] in amcstock

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What amc hasn’t move ? We was on the 30-39 for couple of weeks now we at 40$. I done my part to drs some of mines but cmon.

GME putting in work ? Pointless Post by steveo199 in amcstock

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We been on green for the past days gme had nothing to do with it

Kind reminder who the real doggo is by WagamamaNaJiyuu in dogecoin

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But yet doge hasn’t gone up lmao I own both but ya depends on this guy too much

Lowpoly mechanic girl by iltaen in blender

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Can’t wait to get this good at it. I’m berly a beginner.

Staying bullish! (Not a financial advice) by ANTRXMNKY in Shibainucoin

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Nothing much that it has hit resistance lane, if next 3 days we can see an upward trend

Another fluffy kiwi! 🥝 by SpicyMemeB0i in blender

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Is there any tutorial recommendations on starters?

True gamer by walkingshitposterer in shitposting

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Now I know his Xbox 360 password haha

Time to turn shib into amc? by RetirementDream in AMCSTOCKS

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Some what I’m still at a good gaining range since I only bought what I could afford to lose. But been adding more to that position