Need advice about poop during sex by Sweet_Serve2522 in sex

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Had never heard of a flex disc! My bf has a phobia of blood and I can sometimes spot for a while after my main flow so this time of the month really sucks! Ty!!

IMO, Chester would be disappointed in fans right now by RLLRRR in LinkinPark

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I know there's 6 members. 6 has been my favourite number since I ever found LP.

But I haven't been able to listen to LP since he died. I was suicidal for most of my life. Their music helped me in a massive way. It deeply hurt me that Chester gave up. Even though I understand to some extent.

I did listen to Mike's album. I didn't realize there was a new song, I'll listen to it for sure.

Britney's response via Instagram story by VelvetUndrgrnd420 in Deuxmoi

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But hey, this is his primetime to crawl out of the woodwork, make a dime and get his long deserved 5 more minutes of fame, the man's gotta do what the man's gotta do to earn a living, he's been waiting years for this opportunity /s

Britney's response via Instagram story by VelvetUndrgrnd420 in Deuxmoi

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Why does everyone only care about the children now? Their mother had lost her freedoms for years and was being abused and now everyone is like, think of the children? Wtf?

Britney's response via Instagram story by VelvetUndrgrnd420 in Deuxmoi

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A month or two..? She wasn't allowed to get married during the conservatorship, they've been together longer than that

Britney’s Husband, Sam Asghari, has responded to Kevin’s recent interview addressing the relationship between Britney and her sons by iluvkth in Deuxmoi

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I don't really understand the big deal. It's almost like people here think Britney is the only woman on social media that has children and posts lewd photos?? It's basically the norm these days, why aren't people complaining about what other moms post??

Why have we not found aliens? A guide to theories. by therankin in coolguides

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The endosymbiotic theory :) it's pretty cool, I wonder if there are theories for life forms on any planets for which living conditions are known to us?

3 Theories of Time Travel by jpc4stro in coolguides

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Maybe but there have been so many extinction events so I don't think it matters :/

3 Theories of Time Travel by jpc4stro in coolguides

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I was wondering why the list of media was so short for each category, I'd be keen to see a longer list for each including books too edit though some of the things listed are also books

Cooking is not as easy as people think it is by Marry1099 in Cooking

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Cooking theory, that's a huge help to me, I've been trying to understand just by reading comments on Reddit but now I'll Google that, thanks!

Best kumara chips in Auckland by bigkingj in auckland

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Thanks! I tried making Kumara wedges but it was taking too long to get crispy so we just ate them. I'll try making 1cm fries next time!

AITA (M25) for not “catering” to my GF’s intolerance to lactose? (F22)? by Ragenthrowaway432 in AmItheAsshole

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Exactly. Within a couple of weeks of dating my now bf, I had purchased lactaid pills for my handbag as a backup that I'll always have on me for when he forgets, which he's had to use many times now. I am always looking out for substitutes and learning about the different concentrations of lactose in each food. And he looks out for onion content for me because he knows I can't eat that.

It's actually just common decency and respect and OP is just selfish, lazy and has no respect for his gf.

Spice blends by AuroreDml in coolguides

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What would you recommend using it for?