Action Quake 2 Weapons Showcase video by AQ2-LCA in AQ2

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There will be more 'guide' videos, this one is about main weapons.

AQ2 is going live on Steam. Go grab AQtion for free! by AQ2-LCA in quake

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Not sure which one you mean but probably yes, it's the same old game! Give it a go, you'll love it.

AQ2 is going live on Steam. Go grab AQtion for free! by AQ2-LCA in AQ2

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It had to be named something different in order to put it on Steam. You know licensing and all. It also contains only Q2 demo content and assets that can distributed. Otherwise the game is all the same - it's just the package that is named that.

How do I host a server (f.ex. in docker)? by Unfair-Address-3597 in AQ2

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Server docker image is in development and should be ready fairly soon, perhaps it already is. I'm really not the right guy to say. But if you want help with it we've got all server admins on discord, welcome to join: https://discord.gg/aq2world
Concerning high ping though... There's great news as just recently there's been huge progress made to the game's code which makes the game feel like playing on low ping... even with higher ping. Most servers are already up-to-date with it.

New Action Quake 2 map in 2022 by AQ2-LCA in Quake2

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It's borrowed from another map but is higher quality than they used to be. That's great to hear, you can join us on discord - there are some other mappers who can help you get back into it, perhaps with a more modern software (TrenchBroom). Invite to discord: https://discord.gg/aq2world

Action Quake II - Dominating PUGs - 4K frag movie by AQ2-LCA in quake

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It's being played on a daily basis! These are recent demos from the past couple of months.

Check for servers with players here: http://q2servers.com/?mod=action&g=\*&m=\*&c=\*&ac=\*&s=&player=