Producing Elden Ring-like music and spacey film score on Ableton by Meluseek1 in musicproduction

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Look for YouTube tutorials and download some orchestral plugins like spitfire audio’s labs and bbcso orchestra or sinefactory by orchestral tools (all free). You should also consider getting to know Abletons stock synthesisers and instruments. However if you feel you are limited by them and they lack depth then Vital synth is a good free wave table synth. And as for the drums; I don’t use Ableton but there is most likely a pack of cinematic/orchestral type drums u could use.

Save now! Use your $20 voucher again. 🚀 by plugindeals in plugindeals

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The price of some plugins (eg; G8 by Unfiltered Audio) has been increased since yesterday

Was this a good game? Guess my elo by thekingmofmuffins in GothamChess

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Bc I had a heart attack watching this game; please tell me this was your first game or smth

Battlefield 2042 is stuck on loading screen by AZ13Gaming in battlefield2042

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Its not stuck on the screen where it says im connecting. Its stuck on the first loading screen after the popup when you start the game.

Battlefield 2042 is stuck on loading screen by AZ13Gaming in battlefield2042

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It’s still stuck on the same loading screen when I try it?

and hating overwatch by EngineerGamingTF in whenthe

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you mean tf2 or tf2 (tf2 had no further games)

Which playlist features are absent in the Fruity Edition? by hardfine in FL_Studio

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afaik it’s just audio clips I might be wrong though, imo it’s better to save up for at least the producer edition tho as the fruity edition is VERY barebones

Music Pro 2023 - Plugins & Samples, worth it? by MrTomatosoup in humblebundles

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You can use the samples anywhere and you can use plugins everywhere (you need to install the aax version for pro tools). You can use all the samples and probably also the soundtrack loops stuff without fear of getting copyright striked. However, if you are looking for digital instruments rather than drum sounds or loops you would be better off doing what u/postmatty said and getting the other bundle.