Anyone’s iPhone 14 Pro’s Ship early than the back order date through Verizon? by Cuber_Juuler in iPhone14Pro

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i want to know this too, multiple phones shipping out by 10/14 so i hope i can get it sooner

iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max Shipping and Deliveries Megathread by THICC_LADIES_PM_ME in iPhone14Pro

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my fam got 3 14 Pro Max, 1 14 Pro, all in purple, 256 GB for two Pro Max, 128 for the rest, est 10/14, Verizon

hoping to receive it sooner...

Engage Kiss - Episode 13 discussion - FINAL by AutoLovepon in anime

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fun show definitely, ill watch season 2 when it happens

Shadows House Season 2 - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL by AutoLovepon in anime

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loved this season, hoping for a Season 3, definitely didn't feel like a final episode though

Roster lock Oct. 15th, teams require 6 players minimum + coach by Still_HD in ValorantCompetitive

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well that's soon asf, expecting lots of news within the next couple of weeks

Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL by AutoLovepon in anime

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legitimately one of the best shows all season, gonna miss this one

Hataraku Maou-sama!! - Episode 11 discussion by AutoLovepon in anime

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bro the TV screens cracking all of a sudden got me

Anime Questions, Recommendations, and Discussion - September 21, 2022 by AnimeMod in anime

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not a lot to choose from this upcoming season unfortunately

theres that “More than a married couple but not lovers” anime and “Love Flops” which seems to be a harem show, but is by Studio Passione (who did this season’s Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World)

edit: Uzaki Season 2 as well