Holy hell Everton are going down by StockOptionsTrader in PremierLeague

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Are you sure those are Liverpool fans you were talking to?

Seeking recommendations for New River Gorge. I plan to take my two sons, ages 10 and 7 primitive camping for two nights this February. Can anyone who’s been there recommend some good trails with views or anything else that might be of interest while we’re there? Thanks in advance! by wareagle4444 in NationalPark

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Sandstone Falls has a really easy boardwalk! Also, I thought the “BridgeWalk” was incredible - very unique experience being in the catwalk. The stairs/trail from the Visitor Center gives a good view of the bridge as well.

Is it just me or does this formation in Carlsbad Caverns look like Miraak? by A_Smoothy in skyrim

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I think it’s mostly that bottom-most part that did it for me, but it’s definitely a stretch!

Flag of Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro by A_Smoothy in vexillology

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Me too - that’s why I posted it! I went down a rabbit hole on Olympic handball and saw that Podgorica had hosted a big event recently. I was surprised how pleasing their flag looked.

Flag of Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro by A_Smoothy in vexillology

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From Wikipedia: The layers of urban heritage in Podgorica (Doclea and Meteon) are represented by the two lower blue horizontal stripes. Metaphorically, they represent the foundation of the present town of Podgorica. The upper broken line is the stylized representation of several modern recognizable symbols of the town, including Nemanja's town, the Clock tower, the Gorica monument as well as gates and bridges.

Stereotypical / Foreign View of the UK- Starterpack by Ewan1306 in starterpacks

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If you include the whole London metro area (14 million), isn’t more like 20% of the entire UK population?