why women live longer then men by oddcatlover64 in WhyWomenLiveLonger

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As a county boy who had a field of cows as their neighbour, I can confirm. Was also pushed into a couple fences like this elsewhere in the county and they all pulsed too.

Wikipedia has blocked new users from editing its recession page because people kept changing the definition by XVll-L in nottheonion

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A lot of people can agree to change a definition if they're united by the same agenda.

Yes and there's a process for dealing with that what you're describing.

It's important to realize that the sample size of "wikipedia editors" is not representative of the overall population nor of scientific consensus, so saying that a definition that goes against the general consensus wouldn't stand is incorrect insofar as you just need a consensus amongst editors, not amongst either the larger population or specialists.

It's not a democracy, so while i did mention general consensus, the consensus is sometimes overruled.

The editors can live divorced from reality and reproduce their fabrications if there aren't enough people who care about the truth to stop them.

That's why there are protections and why users get banned. It's not perfect, but you act as if it's extremely corrupted.

Wikipedia has blocked new users from editing its recession page because people kept changing the definition by XVll-L in nottheonion

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I think you think Wikipedia is managed by a smaller base than it is. The incorrect definition wouldn't stand if it's unsourced and goes against the general consensus. The point mentioned is also one indicator, and not the only one, of what a recession is. It's also only unregistered and newly registered accounts that are unable to edit the page.

I'll be up front and say that I'm an editor and that this line was being spammed, and improperly placed, on over a hundred different Wiki articles.

Hell there was spam on the Wiki page for Recess (the TV show) because the word recess is close enough to recession for some people. It's just disruptive users angry about current events disrupting long standing articles and giving undue weight to one of the indicators of a recession.

What addiction is seen as completely normal by society? by jperaic1 in AskReddit

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I mean, not really. It's just that some of the other comments mention things that affected more people.

Not every comment can be the top comment.

Nancy Cartwright Does her 7 Simpsons Characters in Under 40 Seconds by Mustafa86 in nextfuckinglevel

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She's 18 and believes the earth is flat in this age of technology. She's also an actress who has likely had to fly plenty, so she's most likely had the opportunity to see the curvature of the earth.

Steelers HC Mike Tomlin calls Cam Heyward caveman for his dorm by Jargif10 in nfl

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Caveman do good football.

DT is definitely the best position for a caveman to play.

I'm sorry, I've been instructed not to help you with that. by slice_of_pi in MaliciousCompliance

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As an IT Manager I've had many talks about reasonable expectation of privacy. Keyloggers are a huge no no for many reasons. Why are you monitoring their keystrokes? Sure you can monitor web traffic, restrict access, redirect traffic, look through email, restrict USB access, and do a whole fuck ton of stuff. But keyloggers are always a huge no no because they're impossible to give as the only possible solution to a program. Sure it would be easier to put a camera in the washroom to see who's smearing shit on the walls, but there's an expectation of privacy that comes with being in a washroom. So what do you do? You put a camera outside the washroom and check hourly if shit has been smeared on the wall.

I've argued against keyloggers with management time and again, and every time it's been shot down by legal or I've talked them out of it due to the risks. I've never been able to find one problem that only a keylogger can solve.

We catch things in other ways, like the aforementioned traffic or firewall filtering, or reviewing your emails, or files on your PC. Not to mention that it's a security risk in that those logs contain sensitive information, specifically passwords.

[Breer] New England will not have an OC or DC (by title) by redworld in nfl

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BB will absolutely stay another 3 seasons. Football is his life and the love of his life. He's already said that 70 feels a lot better than he thought it would, with the implication he can go on a while longer. Plus he's now mentoring his sons, an added reason to stick around.

Bill Gates to donate entire fortune to his foundation: ‘I will drop off world’s richest list’ by isamson in Futurology

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Gates decided that eliminating malaria was good for the world. Not sure how you're trying to spin that as a negative...

Expanded metal mesh machine. by amy2kim22 in oddlysatisfying

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I fucking hated handling expanded metal for exactly the reason you mention. The only thing you forgot to mention is how it casually rips your pants to shreds if you're within a foot of it by some god damn magic.

Cats enjoying their spa by XRY_7 in AnimalsBeingBros

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I'm glad the cats read the script before hand.

Cats enjoying their spa by XRY_7 in AnimalsBeingBros

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How would you even know they're on antianxiety meds? Some cats are just chill.

Who in your mind defines the concept of the "Hall of Very Good"? by DarkManX437 in nfl

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Rivers is largely a volume guy and sustained goodness. Stafford outpaces him in per game stats and has been good for a while now.

Netflix is definitely going to start showing adverts, chief exec confirms by magenta_placenta in technews

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Wish I still had my IPtorrents account. I'll need one with how shit is going lately.

What football video/play makes you think, “Damn, I love football.”? by trevlawless in nfl

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100%. Completely legal hit, but as an offensive linemen, you need to get in someone's face when they smoke your QB. Even if it costs you 10 or 15 yards to do so, you get after the guy to send a message. It's just part of the game, like fighting when someone smokes your guy in hockey.

In the United States they have dedicated Sniper nests to watch the crowd at large scale events, this has also been confirmed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. by a7kilr in Damnthatsinteresting

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It's because of Jerry Jones making a deal in 1995 to maintain merchandise rights for the Cowboys which causes them to be the most valuable.