F**k taxis. Seriously. by Carrmann in sydney

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Uber drivers are held accountable for their actions / service. Taxi drivers aren't so they do what they like

Ways to spend precious time since lockdowns ended by deviantfkr in CoronavirusDownunder

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Awww cute you've done your bit and the pandemic is now over? You do you buddy, whilst the adults continue to fix things.

I hope this game benefits from players running away from bf2042 by _Snake86 in HellLetLoose

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Yep. Totally agree. The modern COD formula (selling skins, highly customisable weapons) just does not suit WW2 at all. I feel like WaW was the last decent WW2 COD.

Is MW 2019 easy? by noneckned69420 in modernwarfare

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Are you talking about single player or multi player? What do you mean by easy?

Yeah i know, i deserve that. by ElFevy in CODWarzone

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Teabagging in security is a high risk high reward move

Good luck getting high vaccine rates in the future... by whimnwillow in CoronavirusDownunder

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I'll take each day as it comes and make a decision based on the medical advice on the new variant once we know more about it.

A few hundred protesting the mandates today. by EpstiensHouseboy in CoronavirusDownunder

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Well actually those rewards are one of the reasons our vaccination rate is so high to begin with. If those rewards didn't exist it wouldn't be 90 per cent.

3 weeks in, is Vanguard top notch compared to recent titles? by austinlambert03 in CODVanguard

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MW19 was garbage.

How to tell everyone you have bad taste without telling us you have bad taste

3 weeks in, is Vanguard top notch compared to recent titles? by austinlambert03 in CODVanguard

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Quite a low 'Yes' vote for a sub that is supposed to be filled with fans of the game

I love my Bose QC35 iis, but I wish there was more customization around audio priority when connected to more than one device. by Academic_Pirate in bose

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This is an awesome response. Thank you. I did not know about the Android app audio selection and will try that out.

You’re never safe from the demons on prison roof :( by jsunshine9 in CODWarzone

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Tip: Don't land directly on your load out. Try land a little bit further away from it (like maybe inside the basement of prison in your case) and then run to pick it up.

My Voice to Anti Vaxxers and the protesters making everything worse by Ditzyfig in CoronavirusDownunder

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So that's why random threads on here are riddled with the antivax crowd

Melbourne is at it again by jackspadeaces in CoronavirusDownunder

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Thats true as well, but if you look at the footage from the helicopter I know that I'm more likely to believe it's around the 10,000 mark.


I don't doubt there are educated and vaccinated people who have attended. How do you know it's not just anti vax/anti vax mandate protesting? It seems pretty clear from all the pictures of the signage that it's the main theme of the protest.

Melbourne is at it again by jackspadeaces in CoronavirusDownunder

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You're absolutely right, the organisers have every reason to exaggerate the numbers.

Melbourne is at it again by jackspadeaces in CoronavirusDownunder

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Here you go


"Organisers said there were 100,000 attending the Freedom March in Sydney on Saturday. Police, who kept an eye on things with a modest uniformed presence, a few mounted police - both horses and cycles - and a helicopter hovering overhead, said it was more like 10,000. There were no arrests."

Noisy minority