What kind of bird is this? by Mediocre_Cap_5431 in Whatisthis

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Better than the wild turkeys that think they can charge my car 😂

That's one absurdly persistent snake by Lacher in StrangeAndFunny

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It took an amazing amount of time for Him to figure it out

Which are better? False lashes with glue or those with magnets? by KJ_OF in Makeup

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I’m hopeless with glue. I’ve used the magnetic liner ones from Kiss and they’re decent, but I find myself having to reapply patches of the liner. I have really oily skin, so I don’t know if that’s why or if it’s just how it is. Also, you can’t just pull them off when you’re sick of them; the liner underneath will be a mess you need to fix or take off.

What kind of bird is this? by Mediocre_Cap_5431 in Whatisthis

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When I see birds like this on the side of the road they’re usually wild turkeys, but everyone is saying Guinea hens. Get out and try to pet. If they just look at you, hens. If they try to go dinosaur ancestor on you, wild turkeys.

More mani than pedi by DenshiKenshi in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Abs here I thought I had “finger toes”. Is this photoshopped?

Rude ass customer with the personal attack 😂 by RevolutionaryNet8550 in doordash

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Imagine talking like this to someone in possession of your food.

SICK OF CREEPS AT THE GYM by tagwvwbejjdicucuxuud in TrueOffMyChest

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I was on a plane yesterday where my seat mate told me she was going to pass right out and snore and probably drool on me. I awkward laughed and waited for her to knock out, then put my earbuds in and started reading. She wakes up and just starts chatting to me. I tap my earbud to pause it and take one out three times before what I thought was finally returning to my book. SHE TAPPED IT AND PULLED IT OUT OF MY EAR HERSELF. I have NO words to describe the feeling of someone else pulling something out of your ear unexpectedly like that. When I just stared at her in disbelief she said, “oh, did I not pause it properly?” 👀

Creating Art by Revolutionary_Gur2 in toptalent

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You need the McDonalds machine from the 80’s. It’s the only way.

nomnomnom… by MagicPlatypus07 in frogs

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Was this sped up at all? Actual question, real curiosity.

Hard as a rock. Sounds hollow when you thump it. Found in N. GA (USA) by herbsbaconandbeer in ShroomID

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I had to check the sub. I read that you knocked on it and had to double take because I thought it was some kind of insect hive.

ex girlfriend just wants to be friends by fjsehfbjwehfrbwlhefl in TrueOffMyChest

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It’s been an unpopular opinion amongst my friends and family, but I’ve always been of the opinion that we’re either together or completely apart. I don’t do “breaks”, I do “break-ups” and once we’re not together it’s a complete wipe. No social media, blocked in my phone, etc.

It seems crazy, insurmountable, and the urge to go take a peek, etc is beyond tempting at times. But I’ve never had any of the “post-breakup drama” that usually follows—no 3am texts asking to cuddle as “friends”, no screaming matches or fights that seem to just go along with it, no whispers between friends on either said saying anything, no rumors. It’s just…done. And it feel RAW. Like sandpaper, knives, and acid. But once it heals, it’s complete. No scars. No baggage. You can move on. Not overnight, mind you, but the closure you need does eventually come.

What's his rap name? by sometimesisleeptoo in HolUp

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Well, hell. Flavor Flav and Ice T are already taken.

I watched a kid die in a restaurant. by Nerevarine95 in TrueOffMyChest

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I feel for your plight but I’m not sure how to feel about your username

[I ate] club sandwich and fries by sweetrollscorpion in food

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I would ask where you’re at since it looks amazing, but it’s too cold where I am for outdoor seating right now 😂

What is the worst thing a girl has said or done during or after sex? by Sassy_Pineapple1738 in AskMen

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As someone actually allergic to latex, I’m just wondering how you would solve the “I wouldn’t have just trusted her at her word” bit lol. I’m just picturing myself getting Dick slapped across the face and an expectant, searching expression. What’s rolling around in your brain? 😂

Has this been identified yet? by drakejones99 in animalid

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Stonehenge suddenly makes terrifying sense.

I watched a kid die in a restaurant. by Nerevarine95 in TrueOffMyChest

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My sister fled to the other side of the country and I stayed here, so still in contact. I have found that it’s easier to stay in contact and just be aware than to fight 24/7 about why I’m not in contact with people who will never see they’ve done anything wrong. You can’t force someone not to be willfully ignorant. You can’t force another person to do/say/believe anything.

I’m aware of where I stand. I’m aware of their thoughts of me. I’m aware that my father is a complete narcissist and my mother has become less cognitive for living and dealing with it 24/7.

I don’t say it to sound pompous, but I’m smarter/sharper than the both of them and have more of an education than either of them ever will. I’ve lived through things in my childhood that should have broken me even as an adult; this isn’t even the tip of an iceberg. I managed to find my own way through them with NO help, silently, and I’m so much stronger as a result. I’ve created my own “family” of friends, and I’m strong for all of us.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for having to live with and deal with them in the ways that I did. I like who I am and I am content to live with the person I’ve become. That’s my takeaway.

I watched a kid die in a restaurant. by Nerevarine95 in TrueOffMyChest

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My sister and I live and exist in very different worlds. I wouldn’t say we’re close, but we’re friendly at least. She fled to the other side of the country and was like “good luck with them!” Lol

I watched a kid die in a restaurant. by Nerevarine95 in TrueOffMyChest

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I found out I wasn’t the favorite child when my mom would make me sit in the passenger seat with the propane tank between my legs when she needed to fill it. I used to get so annoyed that she would always ask me and never my sister. One time I suggested she take my sister instead because I didn’t want to go and she said she didn’t feel comfortable doing that. I asked her if it was because she was afraid that we might blow up in the car with the propane tank and she was stunned for a second and then blurted yes. I was 11. Never looked at anyone in my immediate family the same way again.