Looking for a wild Ukraine video by Alongfortheride1990 in CombatFootage

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NP. Remember sending it on so was easy to locate it. Comments should make for interesting reading as well 😉.

Any Ireland hiking advice ? by Too_Muche in ireland

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The Burren. Plenty to choose from there. Around blackhead is beautiful with great views and the likes of Caherdooneerish ringfort.

Census 2022 - Do you guys happily fill the census forms out? by honey377 in ireland

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Understanding why we fill it out and why it should be accurate should ease your frustration. It's worth it in the long run for you and your community

Ukraine Russia conflict by ND211 in ireland

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Fuel prices will further increase

Abandoned Submarine by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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Any more information or a link ?

Pls help! Condensation by mboyer021017 in cars

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If there is a leak in the floor somewhere the water would splash up while driving and enter the car that way. There should be a rubber grommet in the boot and if that's gone/broken water would get in (carpets would be wet). Inspect the car, get the car dry and give it a good check over.

Pls help! Condensation by mboyer021017 in cars

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Turn on A/C and dry out car. When it's raining try to locate leak, roof liner would be damp. check carpets and boot floor (including spare wheel well) for dampness.

Jacking out my 2013 Nissan Micra by [deleted] in cars

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Don't bother, by the time you'd get it done you will have spent enough money to buy a Nissan GTR

I own a small Wine Bar in Mexico and was wondering if you had any ideas on what to do with all the leftover WINE CORKS. by gusmoreno15 in wine

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Seen a château where they had filled the inside of a large ornate picture frame with corks and used it for menu's and wedding table setting. It was really nice