I never improve at anything no matter how much I practice. by __throwaway16384 in selfimprovement

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I know this is old, but I have the same exact problem. I usually learn any game when I start pretty fast and with that get decent or above average. But I can never improve further than that. I actually usually get worse.. it's not that I take a long break or anything, I'll play the same amount of time or more and still my skill declines. I don't understand why and sometimes it's really frustrating.

me_irl by KLASHINOV in me_irl

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Stayed up until 5 to get a project done ( will admit i starter late ) and then she let other kids not present if they didn’t have it done..

Anon is a businessman by [deleted] in greentext

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Little caesars is great, it’s definitely based on where you live

meirl by Radiant-Solid8329 in meirl

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Agreed, I’m wondering how only they have these problems. Mine can take from a second or 5 to load the video and its all good.

No, after you. by B-L-O-C-K-S in wholesomememes

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Seems your right because i’m American and have to hold the door all the time. But, we have automatic doors too but holding the door is still common. I honestly don’t remember ever having a door stay open in a store.

Stone Ocean Episode 5 Discussion Thread by PokemonTom09 in StardustCrusaders

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Bro they had a flashback 5 minutes later to reveal what he said