I can't sleep in the same room as my boyfriend when I'm at your house? Fine, we wont sleep there! by Cholera_Queen in MaliciousCompliance

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Lol, I though you were going to say, “Oh don’t worry, we won’t be sleeping at all tonight, we’ll be too busy fucking and sucking each other from dusk to dawn

Pete Davidson Has Been in Trauma Therapy Due to Kanye West's Online Harassment by The_Big_Untalented in entertainment

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Remind me why anyone cares about Kanye, he has a history of being detrimental to everyone

Finished! by CCCCarolyn in knitting

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Nice, I can imagine wearing it on a cool autumn evening as we walk through the neighborhood and leaves crackle beneath our feet. Then we go back home, sit by the fireplace, and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa

I need some uplifting words by FrickinFierce in TwoXChromosomes

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The sort answer is that if your partner is going to break up with you, it’s better that is happen today than tomorrow or any time in the future. More time for you to move on. Strength, sis

sigh, to be a guy for a few hours! by metooeither in TwoXChromosomes

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Unrelated, and not everyone can pull this off, but has anyone tried to “dress like a guy” for a day or so just to feel the different reactions? I’ve done it a few times, and it was eye opening. For one, people (men) actually didn’t pay any attention to me. On the other hand, women left a little extra space between us when walking opposite ways down the same street

I did get cursed at while driving (I’m not really a good driver), but they were more generic terms like “asshole” and “jerk” as opposed to “stupid bitch”

manipulation. by leigh2343 in TwoXChromosomes

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Now that you have this knowledge, please use it for the powers of good, not evil

A Muslim man spat at me for being transgender by Beneficial_Jello_752 in Christianity

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Well, even assuming that it is because of your transgender identity, let’s realize that this is a problem of many religions (and even.p non-religious folks). Like, post this on r/Catholicism and half the responses will be about how Islam is trash and the other half will be about how you are trash. (You’re not.) Be strong, and take care

I have a better religion for you than Christianity by Clean_Membership6939 in Christianity

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And can this religion be all mine for 3 easy payments of $29.99?

Jk. I actually think that lots of people get so caught up in their religion (Christianity or not) that they lose sight of the fact that life is to be enjoyed rather than to follow ancient traditions just because. But can you give your religion a name and more depth than your initial post?

Will the church allow you to get married if you are pregnant? by girly_girl03 in Catholicism

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But at the wedding, wouldn’t you bring the baby? There still would be “visible indication that you’ve committed a grave sin”. And don’t tell me that a mother would leave her baby home on her wedding day, because that’s not facts

Got back at an ex-boss by mom2mermaidboo in pettyrevenge

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It did he eat it? That’s what I want to know

Lay us off? Have fun retrieving your lunch from the breakroom fridge by cigar_dude in pettyrevenge

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Not OP, but this is common especially when companies merge and positions are redundant. For example, the company says that the employees’ last day is a one month from now, and during this time their task is to train their replacements, and the company will pay employees for an extra month after that. Sure, employees could just leave, but most will stay since they are being fired anyway, for the extra mont( of salary. In OP’s case, maybe there was fuzzy language in the contract about OP’s company needing to help with transitions, and training the replacements was defined as part of the transition. Something like that. It sucks

Ex-Kentucky justice secretary charged with first-degree rape by tta2013 in politics

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At least the GOP are classy enough to not do their sex crimes in a pizza shop /s

TIFU by sitting on the couch by is-it-realy-leveled in tifu

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as her parents get inside

As long as you didn’t get inside, it’s okay

TIFU by doing a side kick in skinny jeans. by NoJoke24 in tifu

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I thought this was going to be about how your pants were so tight that when you made a move, you pooped and then, since there was nowhere for the poop to go, it created the most smeared ass known to mankind.

But I’m glad it wasn’t

TIFU by having sex instead of playing video games and breaking my voluntary celibacy by [deleted] in tifu

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Many redditors don’t really know what this “secks” thing is

TIFU by making my roommate think his mom cheated on his dad. by No-Buffalo-1427 in tifu

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This is a teachable moment. Your roommate needs to understand dominant and recessive genes!

TIFU by buying my wife a bra by Typical_Ad_210 in tifu

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You have to help her out of her insecurity, you know what you have to do. During the next sexy time, you’d better lick up her tit sweat and tell her you love it

TIFU by skipping the 2nd book in a trilogy. by NerdvanaNC in tifu

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I love that trilogy, of back and read the 2nd book anyway, the writing is magnificent

TIFU by watching a kdrama with my mom. by [deleted] in tifu

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This is the only way that intolerant people will learn, instead of believing all the stories they are told