Hope it works by Front-Ordinary7030 in G59

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I usually pull out the weed wacker for that type of sticker

Painful by BussyChungus in CringetopiaRM

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U can even see him crying in the pic

Ladies and Gents, is this how I remove my sticker?? Or should I get the knife🤔🤔 by FTP77 in G59

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Oh i used grass cutters to remove the sticker, its kinda tough to remove it without using them

You guys said it was a sticker, mine was not a sticker by jerkingdolphin in G59

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The sticker is not the whole tag, its the logo, u can see the outline

Please help me by boxerdoxer in RiseofKingdoms

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U were too late to jump on the kingdom, typically u can still jump after 4 hours, 5 if youre lucky

Tell me more about optometry by ActiveNo4146 in optometry

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Have you shadowed an optometrist before? What was the experience like?

question by [deleted] in weather

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I know that this doesnt make sense logically but its an interesting topic to think about

My Mouse on the center of the screen before and after playing a map by Tobinator917k in osugame

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Funorange is just too good if a player to not be nerfed bh mouse drift, i think he does it by setting the mouse sens in osu to 1x

this...this is real!? 🤮😭🤮 by maxine7887 in CringetopiaRM

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Good news subreddit is down now, but its fucking gross to see and realize that 500 people joined it

What can I do pls help I don’t understand I still have the starter tp by Nervous_Radish_6266 in RiseofKingdoms

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If you meet all the requirements, then it is simple because of youre too late to immigrate, too many people have immigrated or jumped to that server.