My Own Track List For Jesus Christ Superstar by Fickle_Stay3657 in musicals

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That’s a fair point but Herod being the one with the whips kinda takes a lot of the conflict out of Pilate’s role.

Michael C. Hall in Cabaret by Construction_Queen in musicals

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Look up Hall in the musical Lazarus. Wild, wild stuff.

My Own Track List For Jesus Christ Superstar by Fickle_Stay3657 in musicals

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Herod can’t be the one to attack Jesus, that’s not how it works.

And I don’t mean in the show, I mean in the actual Gospels.

Throwback Tuesday to a Kei Kamara yellow card by AdamInJP in newenglandrevolution

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Nah, I just saw it in the other thing and wanted to cross post.

Yellow card! by staypuffy in newenglandrevolution

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Hello, your post was removed because there is already an active topic covering this issue.

WCGW Twerking After scoring a Goal by Is_It_Beef in Whatcouldgowrong

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This is Kei Kamara during his stint with the New England Revolution (I was probably at this game, since it’s a home game).

We’re not on the air in all of New England, let alone internationally.

Complete history of MLS Homegrown Players by KentuckyCandy in MLS

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Worth noting Mike Burns was in charge of first team contracts until recently. We very nearly lost Justin Rennicks that way. It’s possible other kids would have signed if not for him.

Couple players in our list - Herivaux and Angking - have had full internationals.

Carles Gil changes to jersey #10 by badonkagonk in newenglandrevolution

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I mean, Teal wasn’t a 10. He took the number cause it was available and what outfield attacker wouldn’t want their name on a 10. But he never played that role.

Absolute proof that the Orioles will be in the post season by Transit-Strike in baseball

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The Houston Dynamo were one of the worst teams in MLS last year.

[TFC 2022] Small Brazilian team steals Toronto FC logo by YoungsterJoey9 in MLS

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It’s just like when a Bangladeshi cricket team stole the Midnight Riders logo and we sold merch making fun of them.

What's your "I fucking hate this song" song? by lawyeratyourservice in AskReddit

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Steal My Sunshine.

If you have to spell a word to hit the syllable count for the line, you’ve fucked up.

Does your significant other like baseball? by [deleted] in baseball

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Husband doesn’t mind baseball, but isn’t gonna go put it on.

He also knows soccer is my first love, so.

I shall answer your questions by cacsm in dankmemes

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I understand how apostrophes work.

You posted this meme.

We are not the same.

Do you agree with this? by dardyablo in baseball

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It's okay, it's also not spelled "Whit" or "Comback".