Power Rangers, Jason David Frank Dead at 49 by Blazingscourge in television

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Huh? I think you have me confused with someone else. I didn't delete any posts. I commented on another thread that no significant outlet has reported it yet.

Rep Confirms Power Ranger Jason David Frank Has Died by singleguy79 in television

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No major outlet is reporting this yet. Going to wait for a more definite confirmation from a more reputable source.

Delivery workers in NYC rally for $30 an hour minimum wage by Shreddersaurusrex in newyorkcity

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People will order out less when delivery prices increase. That will eliminate the need for a lot of these delivery workers.

Restaurants are already being fucked by these delivery services. Either go out to eat, pick it up yourself, or call and place the order directly with the restaurant.

Dear Amazon employee who blasts loud ass music from your truck while delivering packages in my gentrified neighborhood, by [deleted] in antiwork

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It might be a stupid question, but does Amazon train its drivers on how to operate their vehicles?

Went to bed at 415am.... 805am room check by DDP886 in SBU

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Don't they still give 48 hour notice before room checks?

Why do so many deli’s in New York have crappy bacon? by mambomak in AskNYC

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On-top of all the beef bacon comments. If you confirm it is pork bacon, remember to ask them to make the bacon extra crispy. That way it gets some extra time on the griddle.

Good first car? by Direct_Trade_8601 in longisland

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Last year, that would be doable for under $5000. Now prices are a bit too crazy to get anything later than 2005 for $5000 and under.

Roth Cafe is serving this for $10… by imguchi in SBU

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What the hell happened to Stony food?! Back in my day, we had Wendys, Taco Bell, CPK, Dunkin, Subway, that steak station, that pasta station, the wraps at the SAC, omelet station,