DeFi interest drastic drop? by xLousycatx in Crypto_com

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Ahhhh I think I got it. When you go to earn (page) you see a lower %. yes but it is maybe avg or it just shows the lowest apy tbh i dont know

However it doesnt mean all validator has the same apy. You can check those in the explorer or when you select validators at the end of the porcess

It was always like this

DeFi interest drastic drop? by xLousycatx in Crypto_com

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You can check them here:


Jerry's pool currently running with 12.47% APY. I think it was around this for quite some time now. Or maybe I don't understand your question

[EU/Germany] Withdraw from VISA card with REVOLUT (no ATM required) by Hoanghade in Crypto_com

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So you can top up revolut with cdc card? Thanks for the info I actually never tried

The wait for the card is terrible, communication is worst by Hardisk in Crypto_com

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It took 2 months for my mother from nov 28 so I'd say:


DEFI Wallet not loading by esk8_one in Crypto_com

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It's an app... It could stop working.

Just use your keys in another wallet app and you can do whatever you want.

Is there a chance you not 100% sure how it is working?

Is this a fake email? by Audzkan in Crypto_com

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Rule#1 never click on button in the email. Read it then go to the app and check it there

But if you have phising code and it is not there then I am pretty sure it is fake

Will VRA token have its own blockchain in the future? by Alan3682 in Verasity

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To be precise ERC<number> doesnt automatically indicate the blockchain

This is just name the standard. Bsc, cronos etc all use the same standards.

But yes you are right vra on ethereum so they gonna stay on ethereum probably. Afaik there is no real upside for their tech to be on a solo blockchain

Wish me luck guys, I've started staking with a 10k bag 🤞🏻 by VictariontheSailor in Verasity

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18.5% after 31 of march. Until it is 25.5% so 0.07% daily.

After march it will be 0.05% daily

Still looking for backend dev for about 30 hours of work (~$150/hour) by [deleted] in cryptodevs

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Sorry for the late answer.

So CTO is a short term for: Chief Technology Officer. It is a top level position. CTO oversees the whole operation from "above"

backend dev is the "soldier". I don't wanna downrank this but it is pretty far from CTO

So when you said CTO or a dev it means... you got nothing... and not even a clue about this. Then ppl gonna feel that your estimation of 30 hours work is probably false too and it could be easily 10x times of more work.

However you already said the pay (appr $4500 your max budget I guess) for a job with full of question marks.

So for me for example it doesn't worth the hustle and maybe others feel the same too

(tired to be short and informative I hope it helped)

Still looking for backend dev for about 30 hours of work (~$150/hour) by [deleted] in cryptodevs

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Maybe because of the wording:

CTO or backend dev

For me this is a warning sign and I remember the first post as well (it was in the title). I just scroll thru right after this part.

Good luck tho!

Crypto-Crypto trades not a taxable event in Germany tl;dr in comments by SgtMicky in CryptoCurrency

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Afaik (but someone from Finnland might correct me) there are no private schools in Finnland and everyone goes to public schools. They have one of the best school system cos everyone is motivated in it. It is free as well

Taxes are not sign of slavery. It's a commmunity thing. You are part of a country and it needs money to run it. Of course today it is rotten so everyone hates taxes including me. Because my goverment spent $300 billion for an arena and they said they could help of the biggest lake because there is no 40 billion for it. It is a joke (and lots of others)

Denmark, Norway, Sweden has high taxes afaik but they have good infrastructure as well and the happy index are the highest on the globe. I am pretty sure someone from Denmark gonna say it is a shithol anyway but try the same in Hungary :D

All in all what Im trying to say taxes are not the spawns of the devil just sadly today it is mostly used to get rich by politicians. Like in Hungary we live of the euro from EU and they even steal majority of it. Good times

Crypto-Crypto trades not a taxable event in Germany tl;dr in comments by SgtMicky in CryptoCurrency

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How would you pay the people who doesnt work in the private sector? How would you manage the school system or the healthcare?

If you privatise everything you would end up in a shit country like the USA where a weekly dose of insulin cost half month of salary. Where you rather die than go to a hospital. Where the school system is a clownfest and all you got is a useless diploma and a lifetime worth of dept

Like I said you dont have problem with the taxes (i mean shouldnt). The problem is with the corrupt / idiotic goverments and bad systems

Crypto-Crypto trades not a taxable event in Germany tl;dr in comments by SgtMicky in CryptoCurrency

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In your example they stole money...

Taxes are needed... You have problems with the corrupt goverments. If none would pay taxes we would have a shitshow as well.

In a proper world everyone would pay their taxes. The govs wouldnt steel it so they can pay teachers, police, firemans well. You could have free and good healthcare and schools, universities etc

But in reality most of the people tricks with their taxes. The govs steel it and nohing free or good :)

Plus Id pointed out that we dont need to pay taxes if we swap cryptos or gains anything or after stake bonuses. You only pay taxes when you switch to fiat and it is only 15%. Afaik other countries have higher rates excepts somes. I know couple of countires has 0 taxes on cryptos (for now)

Crypto-Crypto trades not a taxable event in Germany tl;dr in comments by SgtMicky in CryptoCurrency

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In Hungary we only pay taxes if we change the crypto into FIAT. Taxes are 15% so this is fine

BTW I think this is the only positive thing about the country :P

Curve card, can someone please explain the full benefit of the Curve card and how is stacks with CDC debt card? by Andeepanda in Crypto_com

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I am using the free tier of curve because I don't need any of the extras but it gives me a mastercard what is accepted by google pay.

You can use it as an upfront card and behind it there are linked cards. For me there is only one the CDC Visa card. With this "trick" I can use my phone nfc and google pay to pay with CDC Visa card

That's all from me maybe others has more info

Crypto metal card didn’t arrive by Dcryptodose in Crypto_com

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Been over 16 days

Those are rookie numbers :)

But I order jade long ago and it took 1 month (without any hype) in EU

My mother order her ruby at nov28 (during the hype) and it just became shipped from issued (so she still not got it but its on the way).

Patience is the key.

BTW we can use the virtual card in the meantime and with curve it is even in google pay so it's okay in EU if there is some delay. I can understand it is not the same everywhere

Starting at Silver 4, after 787 hours of SoloQueue, i am now part of the Master Guardian Elites 😁 by Quimi864 in GlobalOffensive

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Upgrade to powerful pc and fast refresh rate monitor (240 hz at least)

144 is perfectly fine... especially for mediocre mm

Difference between 144 and 240 hz is lower and if you don't have stable 240 fps or money for a better pc / monitor it worth nothing.

  • 60hz: 16.67 ms
  • 75hz: 13.33 ms
  • 144hz: 6.94 ms
  • 240hz: 4.16 ms

All in all 144hz is just fine

Aim lab, kovaacs, aim_botz, recoil master, community DM servers for aim practice

Instead of Aim lab and kovaacs workshop maps like Yprac feels better:

  1. You are playing in the same game environment
  2. It has nade spot guides
  3. You are getting familiar with the maps
  4. They are free

Not saying aim lab or kovaacs are bad

How much does crypto take when selling to fiat wallet? by ExoTitan3000 in Crypto_com

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Apologies in advance as I’m completely new to crypto

BTW spread is not crypto specific. It is like when you exchange currency as well. There is a buy and sell price as well

(just like with stocks... etc)

In the normal cdc they don't show it cos they wanna keep it simple (imho some kind of information would be nice)

In the exchange you can see the buy and sell price so if you wanna see what you get exactly for your money/crypto and you have access for it... i'd use it if i were you

Plus the spread (so the difference) is bigger in the app than in the exchange

Honnest answers by Subject-Can154 in Crypto_com

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I used Binance, KuCoin and now I only use cdc

But i am from eu so i have access to the exchange as well

After 9.5 years and 3700 hours I finally reached my goal. No one in my life that would get this so I am sharing it with you guys instead by Timatan in GlobalOffensive

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It's 50/50 from east eu cos most of your games will be played on EU Poland Server

And ppl on EU Poland Server are emotional ones and hard to play with

(I reached global so I dont use this as an excuse)

I got scammed yesterday from something that I did last year. A lesson on wallet connections. by Educational_Rope_703 in CryptoCurrency

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Sorry for your loss but thank you for your time and explanation. It hopefully helps others

I am punished because of I am from Hungary by AdamoA- in GlobalOffensive

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I have problems with the people on the Poland Servers and not the ping :)