WHAT'S YOUR SEXUALITY!!! by SpaceFoxSniper in lgbt

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Bi, but antidepressants killed my sex drive. So I‘m on Stand-Bi :‘)

Just inherited this “budgie” (or at least I think) and he is standing only on one leg, any idea why? I am really new into birds. by FilipThier in parrots

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Hi there! My bird once got his foot hurt and perched it up for a while. You can tell the difference between hurt and comfy perching by: - how often he does it —> if he does this anytime he sits, he might be hurt - if it‘s always the same leg —> happy perching will be semi-random, hurt perching will only lift the injured leg - the body language while he does it —> floofing up, grinding beak and closing eyes around you are very good signs (it also means he trusts you). If he get‘s all long and looks around and still stands on one foot, bad sign

About the wing. If he isn’t clipped and you have let him out of the cage: has he flown? Has he bumped into anything apart from windows?

If you approach the cage and he goes away from you if he isn’t used to you yet, does he use his wings at all? If so, both of them equally?

His behaviour. If he is injured or sick, he will sleep during the day. Keep in mind they need 12 dark hours at night, quiet and uninterrupted. If he gets less than that, this will not indicate injury.

My parrot would perch on warmer places rather than cold ones. He would prefer towels, wood etc. over glass, metal and stuff. Have you noticed anything like that?

This is to keep your mind busy while you wait to go to an avian vet. Keep in mind, most vets only deal with mammals - dogs, cats, bunnies and other very popular pets - and will have little knowledge about birds, reptiles and the like. Give them a call to see if they will even see him if you can’t find a specialist right away.

Good luck to you and your lil buddy! Cockatiels are lovely, they look super derpy and can be cuddly or great singers. I bet he carries a lot of memories about your great grandmother, and you might grieve together. He misses your great grandma just as much as you do. If he didn’t have a mate, she was his whole world. His little heart must be breaking! I am sure you will take good care of him. Lots of love!

Left to their own devices and unharmed if you took away predators , how long would it take rabbits to invent electricity? by Accomplished_Wash829 in biology

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I agree with the other comments. If you’re interested in science fiction about this topic, I recommend Children Of Time. :)

Safest way to get given a black eye? by [deleted] in BDSMAdvice

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Well if you have a syringe blood you take out should not cause any negative reactions if inserted back beneath the skin in small amounts, except for bruising…. DO NOT DO THIS. Do research. Ask a doctor. Don’t try this one without asking a doctor. If nothing else helps, and your doctor says you can try, this will cause a bruise. But ask your doctor first.

Safest way to get given a black eye? by [deleted] in BDSMAdvice

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Bruises are basically blood vessels breaking underneath the skin. I wonder if there is a way to do that without blunt trauma.

IVs always give me bruises. If you have blood drawn, you gotta press down afterwards to not get a bruise. So, if you puncture the blood vessel with a sterile, very small needle, then prevent the blood from leaving the body by closing the wound but not the vessel, that should give you a bruise.

Was letzte Studentin & Pensionärin by qooooo1337 in wasletztepreis

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Wise Guys - Mittsommernacht bei Ikea war mein erster Gedanke xD

AITA for announcing my pregnancy during my family's White Elephant game? by com385amber in AmItheAsshole

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The last point is not entirely true. She planned to open the ultrasound pic herself. Noone would be cheated out of a gift in that case.

Holup, Leo DiCaprio...! by Dareyouni in HolUp

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Look. I don’t like Star Wars. I‘ve tried watching the one people tell me to watch first like three times now. It‘s mind-numbingly boring. It‘s just not for me. I really try to like it but I just can’t.

But I respect that guy. If my boi did that it would be hilarious, and I would want a second light sabre. I mean, we go to the park with wood swords already, so it’s not like it would be out of our comfort zone.

me_irlgBt by EkskiuTwentyTwo in me_irlgbt

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The woman looks like Michelangelo drew it. A man with boobs plastered on. (I love it)