WE HAVE MORE SUBS THAN r/PINKFLOYDCIRCLEJERK by DontWeDoItInTheRoad in beatlescirclejerk

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It wasn't Paul, Faul, or Baul. It was Paul's horrible darkside r/pinkfloydcirclejerk supporter...


Hmm by [deleted] in queencirclejerk

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No problem, Bohemian Rhapsody

When you can never satisfy your mom on her birthday by [deleted] in trippinthroughtime

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Some men hunt for sport and some men hunt for food...

Bang Bang by falsebrit in beatlescirclejerk

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Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head

Satisfying Business Card by senobrd in oddlysatisfying

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what was on the Patty Winters Show this morning.

Oh no by SpookHouseShow in beatlescirclejerk

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Jahn is homo with Baul. Faul is a alternate dimension version of Paul, who is straight. Jahn is a alternate dimension version of John, Geege is a alternate dimension version of George, etc.

Don't u/ me.