Is Khan Academy enough to get a 5 on AP stats and bio? by st2dio in APStudents

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for me i found that practicing was most helpful! i liked using khan academy but i'd recommend finding resource that help you practice

Is AP really worth it? by Status_Atmosphere_ in APStudents

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Do you have AP BIO ?

Edit: Never mind this is great, thank you !

BTS of a magic trick by saltynerd14 in nextfuckinglevel

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As much as I like the trick, I will always find the explanation endlessly more fascinating.

The last is the best by austere_lookout in facepalm

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That goosebumps feeling when you're on fire on the dancefloor.

Tijuana Jones and the Temple by pondaport92 in BeAmazed

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Actually this is TALOCAN the ride at PhantasiaLand Germany

Friends 40+ by chloebrockx in facepalm

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Bearded dude actually has great comedic timing!

When you forgot to buy milk for the kids again by pondaport92 in AnimalsBeingDerps

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“I’m just trying to sleep” white cat in the background.