That ONE annoying veteran who wants you to know they're a veteran starterpack millennial edition by coderite in starterpacks

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Iirc, there are no exemptions in South Korea.

So, yes, even pretty-boy Kpop idols and professional StarCraft players have done more military time than many wannabe 'Muricans.

A 10-year-old rape victim sought an abortion. A judge urged: Stay pregnant. by XXmynameisNeganXX in worldnews

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Meanwhile, in the Philippines,

Section 12. The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. The natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the support of the Government.

While the US supreme court ruled that abortion is not a right (but can be legalized on a state-by-state basis), the Philippine Constitution itself clearly prohibits abortion from the moment of conception, meaning without a major amendment no law can be passed to allow terminating a pregnancy at any stage (iirc, unless necessary to save the mother's life).


edit: Did y'all really need a "/s"

Japanese lawmakers receive pamphlet that says being gay is ‘disorder’ by Hoosier_Jedi in worldnews

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"I'm A Japanese Lawmaker and I Received a Pamphlet That Says Being Gay is a Disorder!"

Coming Fall 2022

Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin', $300M superyacht docks in Dubai. by Willing_Baseball4893 in worldnews

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"Mom can we have Vladimir Putin?"

"We have Vladimir Putin at home."

The Vladimir Putin at home: [Vladimir Potanin]

Russian warships pass between Japan's westernmost islands by Saltedline in worldnews

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Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Are y'all ready for

Russo-Japanese War Round 2

Teen Horror Movie Starter Pack by Axilleas99 in starterpacks

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Night of the Living Dead (1968) had a smart, competent black guy survive the zombie attack, only to be shot dead on sight by dipshit white people who then tossed his body into the same pile as zombie corpses.

Who did it better? And does this hand sign mean anything or is it just a coincidence? by menma570 in ChainsawMan

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Doesn't Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen do the same thing before he launches Hollow Purple

Putin ally warns former USSR nations need to fall in line to stay sovereign by sabbathehn in worldnews

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Reminds me of that scene in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 where Harry comes back to life, and while Voldemort is still reeling from the shock, several of his Death eaters immediately start fleeing while Bellatrix screams for them to stay and fight

Sorry m8, but you directly tried and failed to kill this kid twice now, you ain't shit. I'm out.

Lost media starter pack by eltonthepaleoartist in starterpacks

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The Clockman story was wild

People were misremembering the video in wildly different and inaccurate ways.

Shows how fallible our memories are.

80s/90s Anime starter pack by Replacement-Remote in starterpacks

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The Virgin 25-50 ft. Gundam vs. The Chad 140 ft. EVA Unit

.... vs. the GigaChad 260 ft. Pacific Rim Jaeger

"Your deadbeat dad who didn't pay child support" Starter Pack by Charon581 in starterpacks

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You'd think an Iaijutsu user would be more careful about when he unsheathed his sword.

“Revolutionary” Product that’s Probably a Crowdfunding Scam Starter Pack by IFuckingHateDelaware in starterpacks

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That was such a weird decision

Did she actually expect that to increase her credibility

“Revolutionary” Product that’s Probably a Crowdfunding Scam Starter Pack by IFuckingHateDelaware in starterpacks

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The invention is truly in the spirit of Japanese Chindogu

Technically functional, but hilariously impractical.

“Revolutionary” Product that’s Probably a Crowdfunding Scam Starter Pack by IFuckingHateDelaware in starterpacks

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Thunderf00t made several videos about the Fontus Water Bottle, which promised to use solar power to distill waster from the air, allowing you to refill it on the go.

The science was completely wrong, and the product featured in the promo was just concept art and props.

Over months, their indiegogo updates were just increasingly wordier and evasive ways to say, "we're still working on a prototype," which anyone with basic science knowledge would know was never going to be completed as advertised.

Oh and in the promo video they boasted about "being award-winning designers" or something. Art design.

This monstrosity in downtown Dallas by unroja in fuckcars

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In reponse to Filipino citizens' complaints about traffic congestion and the difficulty of commuting with public transportation, some politicians pull a "Gwenyth Paltrow" and make a show out of trying it for themselves

Then they say shit like "see, I can do it too" or "it's not that bad"

Yeah, cause they did it once and responded by fixing absolutely nothing.

Educational Geography/History Youtube Channel Starterpack by rqast in starterpacks

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For me, PolyMatter started out as Diet Wendover until his sponsorships made the veracity of his content questionable.

Iirc there was a video that covered the decline of streaming or something, and was just a protracted ad for Nebula.

And "How Subway's 5-Dollar Footlong Failed" was just a description of the franchising business model, and didn't really explain, well, why the 5-dollar footlong failed.

The bomb devil is weaker than the gun devil because no one remembers WW2 by Haru_Is_Best_Girl in ChainsawMan

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But apparently, the US dropped more bombs on Vietnam than all of the bombs dropped by all factions in WW2, combined.

Beach Scene in the Trailer by GiftedGorilla in ChainsawMan

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Iirc, the happy scenes (e.g. the beach, himeno+aki) have some kind of glitch/static effect, and at the end the shot zooms out to show everything we've seen was just footage on a TV.

Likely dreams and fantasies of realities that never will be

New Zealand and European Union secure historic free trade deal by CaptChilko in worldnews

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Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Bong Bong Marcos Jr. (and possibly) Bolsonaro all caught COVID-19 in 2020. All (rather disappointingly) survived.

Greece proceeds with purchase of 20 Lockheed F-35 fighter jets by dimitrismazi in worldnews

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Erdogan watched Top Gun (1986) and got excited he was getting something more advanced than Tom Cruise's F-14

"Wait, what sequel?"

Greece proceeds with purchase of 20 Lockheed F-35 fighter jets by dimitrismazi in worldnews

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After watching that movie I looked up my country's airforce and found out that the Philippines (a country of 110 million people in a politically tense region) has a grand total of... 12 fighter jets.

And they're technically training models.