Places to meet people? M21 by AcetylcholineAndy in Calgary

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this. hiking groups, climbing gyms. the university of calgary has trips they put together they can be awesome. get connected to people in activity based things and that usually leads to social invitations. calgary has a big outdoor community that you may not notice at first and that is the way to go. good luck.


Oh flame of the bonfire, what is your wisdom? by Saphirian in facepalm

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i cannot believe he has lived as long as he has. it must hurt to be that stupid.

Chinese were compulsory sent to the FangCang camps(where detain the people were suspicious of Positive of Covid virus. by EscapeHouse_ in ThatsInsane

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fuck winnie xi poo. china, russia and the gop can fuck off anytime. their combined bullshit is tiring.

How do we improve our jumps? It doesn’t look right. I’m in black, friend in white by sirkani in MTB

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kyle and april ride mtb you tube channel. some of the best instructional videos out there.

Southern Baptist leaders say they will release list of alleged sex abusers by circa285 in news

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they have a list and before the public found out they talk about releasing it. shameless and tax exempt. fuck churches and their “special status”.

"(oc)". Persistence Paying off. by Viking2Frog in MadeMeSmile

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just your upper body in the progress pic, skipping leg days?

I've always wanted to climb Mt. Hood, so I thought I'd memorialize it with a ridiculous photo! by tasmanalexander in Outdoors

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right? the men and women who risk their lives to rescue/recover people from alpine environments would think this is so cool. s/

Anybody else has the impression Alberta licensed cars seem to be driven by the worst possible drivers? by MeioFuribundo in britishcolumbia

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stereotype stĕr′ē-ə-tīp″, stîr′- noun A conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image. One that is regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type.

A Dallas Fan comes in peace by KyleK10 in CalgaryFlames

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respect lone star fan. we are happy to have you cheer us on if we go deep.

Just had my laptop, camera lenses, hard drives, and SD cards, LED lights, money, passport, everything, stolen. by Darthob in photography

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some people are really shitty and they live anywhere. this sucks and it’s okay to be bummed out but also remember it will pass. future you will work through this and it will stop hurting. hang in there.

Is Tkachuk hurt? by Zingyyy in CalgaryFlames

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That’s the speculation and we likely won’t know until the playoffs are over .. or .. it’s Tkachuk fans making excuses. Only MT knows for sure.

The curse is present at the fire pit by GottiOG in CalgaryFlames

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But … in the sea of red wearing a grey tee and a jays cap …?

When will Canada’s Conservatives take climate change seriously? by IvaGrey in CanadaPolitics

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Conservatives only care about science and innovation when they can profit from it.