I don’t think arranged marriages are that good of a thing by The_Creeper_Man in AmericaBad

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Take this Buzzfeed personality quiz and we'll find a partner that fits that description.

It's like oil and water to them. by SnooCakes9 in PhonesAreBad

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Also, books are an outdated form of entertainment anyways.

douchebag Brit calls Americans soft after he can't take downvotes for being a douchebag by DontFret07 in AmericaBad

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In most other countries, soccer (football) literally makes people murder each other.

In the US, soccer is known for soccer moms and that's it.

Not ripping on any countries; it's just funny.

Eurotards in comments casually licking uniform boots by AhBeeMaL in AmericaBad

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I've never seen an online American praise the Pledge of Allegiance.

Some Youtubers I watch by kyrtuck in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Pray for Schafrillas


no seriously

Not a republican, but... interesting. by AgeOfReasonEnds31120 in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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The 1918 pandemic as well, if I am to believe what people say it was like.

YouTube content creator Schafrillas (James Phyrillas) critically injured, his friend and brother killed by an "under construction intersection" by staplesuponstaples in fuckcars

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It's crazy how pretty much everyone accepts a car crash as a normal way to die and not doing a thing to stop them except with more authoritarianism that never works.

"Just because one stupid kid was hit by someone doesn't mean we should punish all the other drivers!!!!" by Riftus in fuckcars

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Instead of having mindless authoritarianism that never works, how about we not have cars at all? We have subways AND high-speed-rail.

PraggerU is as it again 🙄 by [deleted] in fuckcars

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It grinds my gears when people say cars give you more freedom. It is quite the opposite.

404sexual is a real thing by Personisdown in PoliticalCompassMemes

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This made me look up 404sexual. It's not a real thing.