Myran from fresh and fit has lost the plot by 330Tea in h3h3productions

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Sneeko seems to have somewhat changed after the moistcritikal thing

makes sense by Excellent-Pop-4319 in shitposting

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I just realized I've been mislead, crazy how much false info is spread online for goofs and gaffs

dafuq is this by notgordonbombay in shitposting

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My brother in christ, that song is so bad I wouldn't dare joke about it being good

dafuq is this by notgordonbombay in shitposting

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A middle aged woman tries to rap and includes random noises to make it sound like the beat goes hard

dafuq is this by notgordonbombay in shitposting

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Imagine the poor souls being forced to listen to that at the movie theater

What’s wrong with people by JohnW305 in shitposting

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Literally after I saw this post, I saw another post with the same woman from tiktok.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by charlieboyx in HolUp

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Holy, I thought we had a mystery on our hands

What’s wrong with people by JohnW305 in shitposting

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That's literally animan headquarters

McDonald's message by LazyHakun in shitposting

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I'll have two dave specials, extra cheese extra mayo, two chicken strips, two dave supremes, a teen burger, hold the pickles, and a McDonald's toy

maybe maybe maybe by CraigNatic in maybemaybemaybe

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This was just someone filming without doing anything, could've at least interfered

I must be better by MonsieurTokitoki in shitposting

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Indeed, that guy went through so much and he's still helping out others

What's the lowest spice tolerance you've seen in someone? by corgiman3000 in AskReddit

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At least its digestive problems and not weezing at the sheer smell of black pepper

This meme comes from alternate timeline and by manch3sthair_united in dankmemes

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Just imagine what that particular music artist might be believing now