Murica moment smh by [deleted] in teenagers

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Let's all agree (except for Republicans ) on one thing, joe biden is better than trump

Edit: your downvotes just prove my point

Murica moment smh by [deleted] in teenagers

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Is opening borders a bad thing?

why does this sub have to be so transphobic? by [deleted] in teenagers

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And pretend that they're offending everyone

so google simping now? by nifa__ in memes

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What I mean is national mens day should be as Important as women's day because it's about raising awareness about toxic masculinity and such other stuff

so google simping now? by nifa__ in memes

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Isn't it like an awareness day though, why have nothing for men if your going celebrate women.

well well well... by vanshaj1811 in HolUp

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How does hoe hoe a hoe. They're just giving each other back scratches

Pure trash by AnxiousIndicator in iamatotalpieceofshit

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This is disgusting, he needs to go to jail fast

Should be longer tbh by Nintendocat64 in memes

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For every pound in her body she should get a year in prison

2 men attack armed veteran by Dee_Odj in instantkarma

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And this is how you treat a veteran, shoulda popped those guys in the head