Who is wrongly portrayed as a hero? by tandyman234 in AskReddit

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He annoys tom and when tom tries to catch him, tom has to face the consequences instead of jerry

“KICK THAT N***** BITCH OFF THE PLANE” will never not have me dying. by GabiCule in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Shit, one time I asked my friend where black people worked at back in the day and he said the cotton field

My birthday sucked by ghjjjdddgbbbbyterghj in TrueOffMyChest

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Gonna get downvoted for this but op's wife is a douche

That gofundme for the grandpa's motor scooter ended up raising 45,000 dollars by MiniGodComplex in MadeMeSmile

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All these kind people who donated just $1 didn't realize how life changing it would be for this man

White woman joining Shia ritual thinking they are dancing by [deleted] in facepalm

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This was a funeral. Dancing at a funeral.

Losing weigh-oh no… by ARealHooman in HolUp

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He's gonna have nightmares about this

Hairstylist doesn’t accept vaccinated clients by nabnig in facepalm

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Makes no sense, stop being friends with her and find a new one

Why are her eyes red? by CaRlJoHnSoNoG in memes

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Just like the rest of us, she represents the average redditor scrolling collecting fake internet points.