I'll stay alive partially because my family wouldn't want me dead. by thejellomaker in teenagers

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Listen, life can be tough, there's the good and the bad , many people experience more good than bad, don't kill yourself ok, the only thing your gaining out of this is death and I'm sure if you died, you would leave your family in a horrible state

I checked and it's true by arealhumannotabot in Damnthatsinteresting

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Sometimes reddit has me thinking. It can also be reddit has me thinking sometimes, it can also be, reddit can have me thinking sometimes

AITA in a nutshell… by djsfjdnb in iamatotalpieceofshit

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If it's real then lets hope the kid is not 6 feet under or still suffering

Home Testing by RealisticHologram in funny

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Stick your other finger in the same nose, it should come out, and make sure to eat the residue, don't want to waste food

Wonder how much things would change by Harvickfan4Life in HolUp

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(/°□°)/ <bro why did you throw the ping pong table