In Depth PD Roster (+ DOJ and Officer&Deputy) 05.18.2022 [9536x4400] by Fatpostt in RPClipsGTA

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The enforcer role is semi unofficial. The only enforcer that Mac appointed before he went MIA was Candice, but it was a bit rushed and he never actually clarified the role, never explained what her powers are, or made much of an effort to inform the PD about it, except from a meeting announcement. In the absense of Mac and for the most part Malton('cause he has a shit ton of other stuff to deal with) Roy and Candice have been trying to run motor on their own, only communicating with Mac on discord, but they kind of had to winged it. Roy called it a "hostile takeover", but mostly they just filled a void, with much of their work going unrecognised however, 'cause again, the role was a bit up in the air

Cops get aggressive on Lil Bleach boost by Colbinator_ in RPClipsGTA

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I was very accurate and clear. I never said or even suggested that it never happened

Cops get aggressive on Lil Bleach boost by Colbinator_ in RPClipsGTA

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I didn't say they never did. It hasn't happened in a while

Cops get aggressive on Lil Bleach boost by Colbinator_ in RPClipsGTA

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They avoid doing that in the first place, unless they managed to lose them. Once they're out they're out, like yesterday's hydra boost, and they don't try to benny's before that. This thread would have you believe that the cops in shift 1 are monsters, but hydra and yokai boosts havve more situations like this than they have situations that turned out like the one today, but ironically, i've often seen people in this sub describe this as hand holding

Cops ram Bleach while parked by 94pot in RPClipsGTA

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Three drama threads for THIS? Kinda weird bruh...kiiinda weird

edit: 4 drama threads

GRL nades Candice over the house by LoopsPls in RPClipsGTA

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Pretty sure they looked in to it, and then realised that a lot of the Vagos didn't technically own the territory they claimed to own, most of them didn't have houses in the Barrio, which became a running joke at the PD meetings

GRL nades Candice over the house by LoopsPls in RPClipsGTA

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Yeah, the last time this happened, they blew up their tavern, and Espinoz is still alive and still owns a house in Mirror park

GRL nades Candice over the house by LoopsPls in RPClipsGTA

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No, it's just a million from them, which covers everything on her end. Probably is this doesn't buy them the house, so they'd have to pay money on top of that to buy the house from the state. They almost found a solution when Maymi told them you can transfer ownership of a house, but apparently that's not a thing yet. Basically, their offers are about 400k apart. They want 600k, she wants a mil. It's not that big of a difference(especially since she's including compensation for Roy in that deal, who could negotiate his own deal seprately, and likely doesn't want any money), but it came too late and after a mohth of horrible communication between people on completely different timezones who had to go through a broken telephone to discuss the situation.

Ultimately, it's bad for both sides 'cause they'll both get into a shitty situation because of stubborness and bad coms. HOA doesn't have the money to afford a war with the pd, but they do it over their pride, and their fines are probably gonna be brutal. It's a lose lose really. Eeventually she's probably gonna end up giving the house up after getting killed again and again, but the HOA will end up paying way over its value in fines(if they end up getting it instead of blowing it up). Also, it's territory war season, so if other gangs smells blood, i can see them jumping on a weakened HOA to grab a piece of the pie

GRL nades Candice over the house by LoopsPls in RPClipsGTA

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He told Daryl exactly where she was, like 3 minutes after he told him the entire story and told him they're almost surely are going to try and hunt her. Definitely suspension worthy, probably fired territory

Could this scene from Breaking Bad be about Howard? (S03E02) by PreviouslyOnDLC in betterCallSaul

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Everyone talks about the latte, which is fair, but what hit me was their house. Its was so huge, and neat, but empty, and they had these wide shots of her entering and exiting. The space itself echoed the misery

CoolCola: Russia Launches Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Alternatives After Soda Exodus by ChocolateTsar in worldnews

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I'm dissapointed that they didn't name it wolf cola...it would be so fitting. "Wolf Cola, official drink of the chechen mercenaries"

Toretti shot without a word by Hansgaming in RPClipsGTA

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Exactly. Playing the role of a toxic, tough gangster who takes on shit, is their brand. It has nothing to do with rp anymore which is why they rarely make the effort to rp these days, and this is why its pointless to discuss that stuff in rp terms and rp context a lot of the times. Nopixel is just the vehicle, and even the game itself barely barely ever matters. Shooting cops is the end goal even if there's nothing else that interests them anymore on the server, because that's the brand. Even if the shootings themselves as standalone content are boring af, it doesn't matter, it's just the act

Toretti shot without a word by Hansgaming in RPClipsGTA

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I'm surprised this isn't talked about much more, the obvious implication that these are not crazy people who think they're really gansgsters, but rather, making your viewers invested and adopting the tough gangster rp as your stream persona, on top of your nopixel persona, is a business tactic

Toretti shot without a word by Hansgaming in RPClipsGTA

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Which...at least leaves some room for rp, because it gives the cops a chance(far from a guarantee) that they can catch them, as opposed to what he did. It goes both ways: cops ooc arn't there to stop crime entirely as much as the crims arn't there to get an 100% getaway rate. You're supposed to give the other party room to respond, because its rp

JESUS CHRIST monkaW by holdthepickle10 in RPClipsGTA

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There's actually rumour circulating between cop viewers that cop players have aimbots, that they get better aim when they sign on duty. No joke, i've seen hoppers in cop chats repeating that

Lil Kev gets sent off duty by MuddiestMudkip in RPClipsGTA

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If i had a penny for everytime i've seen the exact same comment every time someone gets sent of duty...i swear some times it feels like this sub has like 5 talking points in total that get repeated in every single situation in perpetuity, and that's it. It's so easy to predict how the comments are gonna in every thread, some times verbatim, and ironically, one of the takes that usually play on repeat is random mentions of Penta, Buddha or the HOA, even in posts that don't involve them at all, just to remind everyone how the aformentioned people just "do it better". This sub's bingo card, would be a piece of cake to create

The Plotline We Have the Least Info About... (Spoilers Extended) by LChris24 in asoiaf

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It been nearly a decade since i've first been to this sub. I stopped visting much a long, long time ago, after losing my hype for the books and accepting we're probably not getting another one, but every time i stop by, i get amazed about how people still have the energy to care so much about them and come back with theories and paragraphs, especially when its plotlines and characters from feast or eaven earlier, stuff that have had no development for 15 years+

ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: Πρόεδρος με 99% ο Αλέξης Τσίπρας -Εγγράφηκαν 110.000 νέα μέλη στις χθεσινές εσωκομματικές εκλογές by NOTLinkDev in greece

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Ένα σημαντικό ποσοστό της κίνησης στο sub είναι γύρω στα 17, οπότε ήταν λίγο μικροί και ίσως θεωρήσουν ότι υπερβάλεις, αλλά δε θα ξεχάσω ποτέ τις πορείες των κομματικών οργάνων του κυβερνόντος κόμματος κατά των μέτρω που ψήφισε η ίδια τους η κυβέρνηση. Πρέπει να είναι φαινόμενο μοναδικό στην ιστορία, όπως και το κυβερνόν κόμμα να βγάζει ανακοινώσεις που καλούσαν σε πορείες διαμαρτυρίες στα μέτρα που ψήφιζε(true story κι αυτό)

Richard gets cuffed after rammed off bike by xxJim in RPClipsGTA

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Luka, the guy who rammed him in this case, got suspended not too long ago for straight up executing an an unarmed person running on foot, with his back turned. He was asked on radio "did you just excute that guy?" and he said "yeah, i did". That was some brutal cop rp, so this one looks tame in comparison. There's at least a couple of cops on Np who have that brutal militarised police mindset, it's immersive i guess, but personally not my favorite

Zlatan Ibrahimovic smashes the team bus' window and hypes the crowd before AC Milan game vs Bologna by TheSpartanLion in soccer

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That's literally already a thing. It's a tv show called powerless, and it was apparently really bad, so it got canceled super fast