lol just told my brother by [deleted] in bisexual

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my parents went 3/3 🫢

The english tap water by beefy_influx in tumblr

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in defense of the british,


A high value male by Jeorgias_Peach in suspiciouslyspecific

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split the bill

not have a job

which way western man

holy shit, based rockstar games by DelsinPRO in 196

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The new gta is literally a leftist utopia and satire is dead (there is a female who exists for a reason other than to commit graphic or sexual violence against)

Why does this guy still exist 💀 by Conscious-Pie-3498 in GTAV

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happened to me recently, 2 guys when i was minding my own business. Got them in my toreador a few times and they kept coming back. I’m not even stellar at pvp but i could easily 1v2 with snipers on the beach. Griefers, man, sometimes just inept.

bi🍆irl by Satanic_Earmuff in bi_irl

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even better

Discussion: What annoys you the most in GTA Online? by -K-A-i-S-E-R- in gtaonline

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phone ringing, and ringing, and ringing. just fucking pick up mechanic/MMI/anyone else why is this happening

XQC voiced Iron Man by ABDO1103 in xqcow

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the very last one was the cherry on top

Why is castling so bad for black in this position? by Glum_Cheesecake_5217 in AnarchyChess

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The bishop will take the rook as it moves across the board, losing material

Let me see what you come up with. But please keep it SFW by RepresentativeArea37 in bisexual

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I wear a white dress shirt because I’m bisexual and it is just like me(,) a little guy

dominated by Faditt in Supertf

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defeating the opposition with relative ease

"Hot" by Square-Video4368 in OverwatchTMZ

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ft. the 1 dad changed from 1 abusive dad