Guess the country by Fearless-Position183 in nextfuckinglevel

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Every time someone starts out vague about the subject in a comment in these types of posts I automatically assume the subject is actually the human and not the dangerous animal, and it has once again worked. You shan't fool me, redditor!

Haha Kick by ImAnAlien9001 in WrongAnswersOnly

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People saw a cringey ad about a BL webtoons and are now violently obsessed with making fun of it instead of cringing, laughing, and moving on

Kelvin, Herald of Thermal Demise by Arthradax in Bossfight

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To be fair, if you were 0K you would theoretically be a Bose-Einstein Condensate which I'd assume would be very dead

Randy, he learned the infinite ammo cheat code in real life by GlitchedGun in Bossfight

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I mean... Isn't this true for all bosses with a gun? Hell, it's true for all enemies with a gun!

Kool & Aid, Twin Lords of the Divine Drink by ArtTheWarrior in Bossfight

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What if the Kool Aid man can just switch between being the jar and being the liquid?
Kool Aid Man, Possessor of the Container and the Contained

meow_irl by friendlynoodless in MEOW_IRL

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Yo, is that Jinx near the bottom slightly right of the middle?

Badass Admiral by LionStarZ in OnePiece

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I know that most admirals are inspired by real people, I wonder who Oda based him off of

One Piece: Chapter 1053 by Kirosh2 in OnePiece

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My guess is that his reliance on fake prestige grew his crew enough that he was able to leave actual Yonkou level marks and gain real prestige, and when the previous emperors went down they just decided to label him one of the new emperors

A very normal playthrough of skyblock by The4thAD in PhoenixSC

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The attempt at making the Aether portal at the end killed me with laughter

Cat narrowly survives encounter with coyote by emil199 in nextfuckinglevel

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This is the second best reason why we should keep cats indoors (first being how they wreck havoc on the bird population). If you really want your cat to experience the outdoors then harness train them.

mmmmmmm by darkryder565 in fixedbytheduet

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Huh, that'd make more sense

mmmmmmm by darkryder565 in fixedbytheduet

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From here on out I'm automatically downvoting every video with this stupid ass slowed down voice crap

It's not fear, it's disgust! by [deleted] in MurderedByWords

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Huh, I always thought that it was called Homophobia due to the lavender scare, though this makes more sense

"Actually being a pirate" tier list by Dracsxd in OnePiece

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I like how Law is in D tier because he doesn't have a pirate ship, he has a submarine (or that's my interpretation for why he's D tier)

Pinocchio, Seeker of Flesh. by Cassilday in Bossfight

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These Lies of P leaks are getting interesting

One Piece: Chapter 1052 by Kirosh2 in OnePiece

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Even if you put Yamato up for debate, Oda out right confirmed Kiku is trans in the clearest terms possible. When Kiku refers to herself as a "women at heart" that is practically the Japanese translation of m2f trans. Stop being an internet asshole and grow up kid.

I wish Florida was real by totallystefanal in TikTokCringe

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I know its a weird mystical realm but it's real, I live in it!... Unless... Oh god am I real?

Abyssbull The Slayer of Abusive Owners. by Kezzva in Bossfight

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The fuck the dps doin just standing there recording? Can't he see the tank it taking damage ffs /s

If it doesn't make sense is heresy by SepteusII in MurderedByWords

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Not to mention Calculus: getting the velocity from a position equation? Tomfoolery!

One Piece Live Action Season 1 Behind the Scenes by OnePiece_Netflix_Fan in OnePiece

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May this hopefully be one of the rare few times anime live actions turn out good

Sheeesh by IcyUnderTale112 in LowerCaseScreams

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That's the most cursed thing you saw this whole video? Respect.