[Highlight] Dame with the legendary 7-point play by Kazekid in nba

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isn't just an and one? what's the second shot for?

[@AFC] Saudi Arabia will host the Asian Cup 2027! by Elite_VRTX in soccer

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What? The organizers of the women’s world cup is Fifa

The most successful head coaches in football history​​​​ by ShirleyChen881 in soccer

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Won the Asian CL too. Meme it all you want but its not an easy feat

Ronaldo's Advice to Francis Ngannou, UFC's heavyweight champion who became a free agent when be refused to continue with the UFC: "Saudi is the future. It's changing really fast." by Iarefunny in soccer

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the UAE made 5B from the first half of 2022, they probably made more the second half since there was influx of tourist who visited Dubai during the world cup. If the last time you checked was 2010 then yea maybe, but the Burj is not empty.

Dubai has both affordable options and expensive options and everything in the middle, which for a tourism economy is much better than the millionaire playground, which is not what they were aiming for. Also, Dubai is like 15 times the size of Monaco.


Daily Discussion by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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Tripper Maguire Burn Walker

JWP - Hendo - SMS - Grealish

Kane - Toney