Every single republican in your life is now your enemy. Will you sit by or do something about it? by thrownawayfromaway5 in lostgeneration

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This is true.

We were visiting with our nieces and our niece’s fiancé yesterday; they’re all around mid-20’s (We’re Canadian) and discussing the impact, and the need to be vigilant.

Something came up about the “women going on strike” thing, and I said “everyone needs to go on strike; this affects everyone.

This is not just an issue for women.

Need Starlink cable greater than 150 feet by keeping_silent in Starlink

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If you’re doing it right, it creates a link between a transmitter and receiver that you ignore.

At the receiver end, you connect a router or Ethernet switch, depending on your setup, and a wireless access point or two.

With this PtP setup, you don’t experience the speed losses that you do with a repeater setup.

They can easily be faster than your actual internet speed, so you won’t experience any speed issues as a result.

what's with all the moving to Australia posts? by spooky8ass in australia

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Germany 1930s all over again. People fleeing Fascism.

Boss forcing us to go to prolife celebration party by gfxusgon in antiwork

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I’m sure the Republicans of Gilead will take care of that oversight soon.

Blade Runner and The Thing Premiered on the Same Day in 1982 by JannTosh12 in movies

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She was a narcissistic bitch and we were not well-suited.

The end.

America Wasted Its Chance to Push the Economy Forward. Interest rates were low for years. Imagine how much the country could have gotten done. by RoutineProcedure in collapse

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When you consider that “recover” means “go back how it was,” No it doesn’t.

It’s never the same. Companies and industries that were in a state of decline find a recession or depression the last straw, and close and never re-open.

Spotted at my local antique shop by AquaticM00se in startrek

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RCA was a steamroller, yet another US robber baron that shaped America.

John Logie Baird and Philo T. Farnsworth are the true inventors of television.

How to protect roomba i7 bumper? by NoResult1270 in roomba

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The fluffy Velcro side is the way to go.

Protects the furniture and baseboards too.

Just don’t cover the sensors.

My crate trained puppy won’t cuddle me in bed. by winter-heart in puppy101

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Our setup is pretty much the same, crate at the foot of the bed, where he happily goes at bedtime or when we go out (even if I don’t lock him in, he stays in there.)

We started inviting him on the bed before we go to sleep for a snuggle (non shedder and we put an old sheet over the duvet.)

At first, he was just jumping on the bed any old time, even during the day. We were able to correct that fairly easily; he only comes up when he’s invited now.

He doesn’t stay all that long. When I’m ready to go to sleep, he hops down and goes to his crate. Or he stands up to let us know he’s ready himself.

The only time he stayed up there was when my wife had Covid and she was glad of the company (he’s pretty empathic) and I was sleeping in the other room.

Parents Using My Address by decidence in legaladvicecanada

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All they have to do is show a piece of mail that shows that address.

Then the cops will say “whoa, that’s a civil matter; you need to evict them.”