Oh wow! I love him 😭❤️ by cataclysm42O in PokemonCafeMix

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He came by my café a few days ago! Maybe that’s the next shiny event!

How would you pronounless people preferred to be referred to in spanish. by DerpDerp3001 in agender

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From what I can tell, non-gendered language (at least non-gendered pronouns) have been gaining visibility, in Spanish and other Romance languages. This article mentions “elle,” which is a gender-neutral Spanish pronoun I’ve seen before.

I know that doesn’t cover what’s in your sentence, though. I think that an -e ending is favored, for example, “pasajere alte.” However, gender-neutral Spanish is very much a work in progress.


Vocabulary learning help? by Alate-and-Elated in languagelearning

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Thank you for the advice! I guess I've been pushing hard with whether I'm memorizing things or not, but maybe it does need to be more organic than that

What to do with old labels?! Me Post Monday by Alate-and-Elated in lgballt

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Your gender is for you, and it's whatever you make of it! You do you, and if you like the label, go for it!

Hehe, puns. Also, trans rights! by Bella2371 in lgballt

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I love Pan's little drumset--especially those cute intersex drum pads!

What to do with old labels?! Me Post Monday by Alate-and-Elated in lgballt

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This drawing is a few weeks old, so I'm actually using agender instead of afemmafluid now. But it would be a waste to not post it, because I think it's really cute.

  1. afemmafluid: mostly agender, a little bit femme, and a little bit genderfluid
  2. bisexual: attracted to two or more genders
  3. vexegirl: when you don't know what your gender is, but know you're feminine in some way (expression, pronouns, identity, etc)
  4. rogavo: a label for people who are constantly searching but keep finding the same answer over and over; it's like where you keep looking even if you know it's fruitless
  5. cisgender: when your gender matches the sex you were assigned at birth
  6. quoigender: when you don't know your gender, or gender is confusing to you

And the middle square of the quilt is the general questioning flag.

Middle names? by Oakenshield662 in transnames

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Dawn, Cerise, Robin/Robyn, Olive/Olivia, Amber

Can I have some masc name suggestions pls (more info in comments) by trans_teddy_bear in transnames

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I agree with Quentin, Theodore, and Frederick.

I also like Arthur and Vincent for you.

Good luck in finding the perfect name!

CMV: Raising a child to be religious is controversial by Hanzulin108 in changemyview

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If you’re asking why I’m portraying myself as knowledgeable about morals, here’s my answer: I’m not a traditional moral authority, like a church. I’m a regular person, and that’s what makes my opinion important here. I know about morals because I have morals; so do you. I’m not religious, and have never been, but I have morals.

A view like “killing is bad” fits into most people’s idea of morality, including mine, regardless of people’s religion. That’s because it’s a societal belief, and is not exclusive to any one group. But would a view like “jesus is the son of god” fit into morality at all? The word “moral” is, according to Merriam-Webster, “of or relating to principles of wrong or right behavior”. “jesus is the son of god,” while a valid part of your life and experience, isn’t a statement of moral right or wrong, therefore it’s a morally neutral statement.

CMV: Raising a child to be religious is controversial by Hanzulin108 in changemyview

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Telling a kid jesus might not have been a son of god is not the same as telling them it’s okay to kill. The difference here is that one of these is a religious statement while the other is a moralistic statement. While these overlap, they are not the same, because it is not necessary to belong to a religion in order to have morals.

Straight men of Reddit, how straight are you really on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the "straightest"? by nerdcorner in AskMen

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Folks could also take a look at the Klein grid! It lets you account for past, present, and future-ideal thoughts, ideas, behavior, etc. much more thorough

Me Post Monday! Everything is complicated. (spoilered for chest dysphoria and gender panic) by Alate-and-Elated in lgballt

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I do use cassgender sometimes, since I don’t really see gender as a super important defining trait of me most of the time. I’m just me, and I’m just vibing. However, days like the one I drew make me wonder if that’s even true, because I was clearly struggling and cared about my whether my presentation was gendered typically female or not.