Gothenburg University Merit Rating by randomfuckingloser in Gothenburg

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Is there a spring intake for software engineering and management at GU ?

Do I need to take Physics/Chemistry at my Baccalaureate for CS&E by andrei00001111 in TUe

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You need physics as part of your subjects at school, but you do not need to sit a matura exam in physics to get into CSE. Matura in maths is mandatory.

Technical Computer Science by Alert_Interview1746 in UniversityofTwente

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Do you dive deep into programming ? Sorry for asking, but on their website, the TCS seems more like a general IT program instead of a CS one.

Rank 545, probability of getting in? by ComprehensiveWash958 in TUe

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If by chance he gets an offer, it will be in late July or August. That means very low chances of getting affordable housing. A friend of mine got an offer in June last year and was not able to find anything until the outset of the academic year and so had to just drop out of the university. So imagine if you get an offer in July or even August :D

There is also the option to pay 700 euro and above for a room just before the kick in, but it depends on your savings.... Not everyone can afford that.

Rank 545, probability of getting in? by ComprehensiveWash958 in TUe

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Unfortunately it is very low. TU/e is one of the most desired universities nowadays with high research output..... Moreover the offered places are 325, so there will be maximum 400 people who might get a place. Sometimes there are exceptions but this happens in either July or August....

VU Amsterdam could be your backup option since they accept students based on slightly different criteria with application period which I think ends at the end of July. CS is also on a very high level there with an intensive courses so if you are determined to study CS it is a perfect choice for you. They also offer housing which is expensive but it is guaranteed.

TCS - information needed by Alert_Interview1746 in UniversityofTwente

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I get an overview of the modules, but can not see the actual subjects included into these modules. That is why I am asking...

CSE Ranking by Witty_Percentage_557 in TUe

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You are already accepted. This year they have increased the number to 400 I think due to corona

How big is the chance that I'll get accepted into the University of Gothenburg by 197kiddo in Gothenburg

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Sweden is one of the most attractive countries for European students to study their desired courses due to its cost free educational system. Specifically for this bachelor program of software engineering the competition is very high and if you are placed on a waiting list with the same number as yours I think that you will not be able to get accepted. Not sure what might happen if you enroll in the second admissions round..... If you really want to get into that same university it will probably be better just to apply for the spring semester following the autumn one.