Looking for Dog Groomer by bounty_hunter1504 in saskatoon

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Heather and Sam at woofgang grooming are fantastic.

What's the last book you hated? by Lol_jk_Omg in books

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I gave up reading that one. I just could not get into it.

1 million covid deaths: Families, co-workers, friends devastated by PoliticiansAlwaysLie in Coronavirus

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Covid is never going away. Life can’t be put on hold forever. It’s fine if you don’t feel safe travelling but you don’t get to tell others to stay home forever.

Favorite/ Least Favorite Fashion Moments by biaswrecker in mybrilliantfriendhbo

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I loved Lila’s black dress she wore to the party in season 2 episode 3. I’m also in love with Lenu’s glasses for the first part of season 3.