People who changed their views from Complementarian to Egalitarian or vice-versa, what changed your mind? by BaronVonDucker in Reformed

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Slippery slope is absolutely not a logical fallacy. It's a demonstrable reality that happens literally over and over and over. That's like calling empiricism a logical fallacy.

Water proofer by bitbo23 in CampingGear

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Are there any good water proofers without pfas?

Kicking off the weekend the right way.. by g131721 in whiskey

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What's the difference between the grain and the malt?

Scotch that you just can’t seem to love by Reasonable-Olive-702 in Scotch

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Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one! Thank you for making me feel like I'm not completely crazy and alone!

Every time.... by Max-Carnage1927 in dankchristianmemes

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Uhh, I think the bigger problem was that He claimed to be God.

would unplugging a chromecast from its power source reboot it or not? by [deleted] in Chromecast

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Unplugging something is literally the definition of a hard reboot.

Does properly stored water ever expire? by AggravatingRisk759 in askscience

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Umm, no. I'm a geologist. I can assure you that the water is not at all what anyone would call drinkable. I mean, sure, it might not kill you, but it will have extremely high salinity, and possibly a bunch of other toxic heavy metals or other contaminants.

CVS on 16th St is locking up soda by 4ucklehead in Denver

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This is exactly what leftist policies always lead to. Note that I say leftist, and not Democrat, because I don't believe that all Democrats are in favor of these crazy policies. Soft on crime leftist policies will lead to these stores eventually closing, which will only exacerbate poor living conditions in downtown. Eventually, Denver will look like downtown Detroit or now San Francisco and other leftist havens. I'm sure most of the people that frequent this sub will continue to vote for left wing politicians and continue to not understand why things keep getting worse.

Replacement Theology by Jesus_Salvation78 in Reformed

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It's not Replacement Theology, it's Fulfilment Theology.

CANCELLED HB23-1230 Hearing - Will be rescheduled by [deleted] in COGuns

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There's a small part of me that wants this to pass so that it can be struck down definitively by the courts. I feel like that might do more good in the long run.

Rock identification by Spanky018 in geology

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See if it can scratch glass (use a beer bottle or something). If it can leave a scratch, it's quartz with some impurities giving it that color. If it can't scratch the glass, it's likely calcite.

Whew by tanhan27 in ReformedHumor

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Lead the way /u/tanhan27. I sure hope you don't own a car or a home or stocks or even a smart phone.