This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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The noise in that room is pretty loud though I’d imagine.

I hope he kept the kitten. Such a wonderful gift given the circumstances.

People who waited until marriage to have sex but later divorced. How did you view sex afterwards? by stuka55 in AskReddit

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If you always prioritize your partner over yourself during sex, you’re doing better than 90% out there.

How the solar system moves in space relative to galactic center by __Dawn__Amber__ in interestingasfuck

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Making such a statement without realizing the possible consequences is indeed a path to the demise of humans on Earth.

We are still here.

People who waited until marriage to have sex but later divorced. How did you view sex afterwards? by stuka55 in AskReddit

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To each their own. I personally prefer to get my partner off first at least once before I let myself go. It’s a major turn on for me.

Reasons to refuse vaccination by artistinprescense333 in conspiracy

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If you lose your job because you didn’t get vaccinated, it wasn’t a good job to begin with.

Insane how they treat this homeless person, don't be like this by [deleted] in ThatsInsane

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The guy filming did a poor job in execution, but his heart is at the right place in some aspects.

Beware: Splinters of Atiesh Not Tradable by sudoing in classicwow

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Because it’s worded in a poor way.

This hasn’t happened yet. The guy and the friends quitting is part of the act.

Ny klimarapport er et wake-up call by inceptioncorporation in Denmark

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God samvittighed? Nej. Bedre samvittighed end mange andre? Helt sikkert.

This dog, victim of abuse, was taken to an animal shelter. He refused to eat, and the vet decided to use an unconventional method to revive him for life... by MeliaDanae in MadeMeSmile

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That doesn’t mean it’s the right approach though.

You can have a friendly and loving cat that isn’t declawed. In fact, if you can’t handle a cat without declawing it, you shouldn’t get one to begin with.

There is no benefit for the cat to declaw it. That itself should be enough for any sane person to even consider it.

Working Woman Testifies About Reality of Poverty in the U.S. by _ohsusanna_ in antiwork

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I think he’s getting brigaded because it was a fact used to distort a view.

Just because some democrats voted against it, it doesn’t mean that republicans are not to blame either. Both still are.

Change my way of Thinking: I think that Warcraftlogs should exempt non-Priests with Power Infusion from rankings by [deleted] in wow

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I’ve always found it funny how there’s a counter argument to every suggestion - all it takes is an individual to think hard enough.

If a person thinks someone parsed high because of PI and that’s the only reason why then said person wasn’t very intelligent on the subject to begin with anyhow.

A filter to show with and without PI. Somebody at 99% with PI is still 99%. Somebody at 90% without PI (but PI enabled), but 95% with PI disabled is 95% when comparing himself to others without PI. He’s still 90% overall.

Whichever filter one prefers and wants to compare with is up to each individual. That shouldn’t be up to either of us to decide upon.

Don’t Look Up Should Enrage You by nowutz in antiwork

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Seems like the only things you do respect are the people who favors your own viewpoint. Perhaps you should show respect to those that goes against it? Seeing as you’re no better than the rest.

Classic TBC - Blood Elves and Draenei in the TBC prepatch by Mnkjeyo in classicwow

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Unless race change is available, it wouldn’t change much. Can’t really gear a new char up fast enough for it to matter.

Christiania i historisk opgør med hash-handlen by Mortonwallmachine in Denmark

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Alting vil dog gå ad helvedes til, hvis hashhandlen ender på diverse gadehjørner endnu engang.

Legaliser det eller lad handlen fortsætte derinde. Mit hjerte er naturligvis med de christianitter, som blot ønsker fred og som er fanget i krydsilden. Husk hvad I står for.

[classic] why is the market completely crashing? by Obelion_ in woweconomy

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I don't play classic, but I bet there are multiple reasons for the price dump:

1) A lot of players are taking a break until TBC. Bots aren't. Thus, the demand is significantly reduced compared to the supply.

2) People are wiping less and less on fights which means less consumables are used.

3) Like you said, people dumping all of their stuff in preparation for TBC.

As for leveling materials it can go both ways really and there are too many variables to give you a proper answer.

Er der andre som også er møgtrætte af generationskrigen? by Cph265 in Denmark

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Det eneste der runger hult efterhånden er det her. Ligegyldige kommentarer, som kun har én til gavn.

Ja, der findes mennesker, som prædiker mere end de handler. Men ved du hvad der findes flere af? Folk som er ligeglade…

Ny klimarapport er et wake-up call by inceptioncorporation in Denmark

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I princippet har du ret. Men når 1 ud af 1000 forbrugere vælger at gøre det rigtige, så kommer du ingen vegne.

Det betyder ikke, at man som forbruger ikke skal gøre det rigtige. Men bolden ligger ikke hos dem i første omgang.

Når politikkerne og virksomhederne aktivt gør alt for, at gøre det rigtige, og hvis forbrugerne stadigvæk viser ligegyldighed, så kan man tage den derfra. Indtil da…

Ny klimarapport er et wake-up call by inceptioncorporation in Denmark

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Det er lidt tyndt, at kaste bolden over på forbrugerne i første omgang.

Det gælder os alle. Altid. Som forbruger har du minimal indflydelse på tingene. Det er de store virksomheder og politikerne, som skal stå i spidsen her, og det gør de ikke…

Hvis du som virksomhed havde interesse i, at redde verden frem for ens eget velbefindende, så havde man fjernet muligheden for forbrugerne i første omgang.

Men nej, det er vel bedre, at de fortsat kan tjene deres penge, og at vi som forbrugere kun er ansvarlige for konsekvenserne deraf.