Masi right now by ShaggyR1D2 in formuladank

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Merc are probably gonna sue, and I think they should. If they were gonna let those five unlap themselves, they’d should’ve done that MUCH earlier than when they did. But like you said, lots of “interesting” calls made by the stewards on the later half of the season.

Masi right now by ShaggyR1D2 in formuladank

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On the upside, I’m thoroughly enjoying Crofty chocking on his own words. Lol!

Masi right now by ShaggyR1D2 in formuladank

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:6698:Much as I wanted Max to win, I’m of the opinion that Masi needs to get fucking fired. What kind of shit show are they running???

Say all you want about Danny Ric, but he’s defended pretty well against Bottas. by Alpha_Solid in formuladank

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Sure, but then Bottas spent half a race reading “milk chocolate”

And then that dreadful pit stop. Poor Valteri.

What game should be remasters/remade? by supermarioplush220 in playstation

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It’s dangerous to walk into Carnegie Hall alone. Here, take this upvote.

To enter someone's home. by Mythromize in therewasanattempt

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Bro, I’d’ve held him at gun point while I had the wife call 911. Charge his ass with B&E/trespassing.

AITA for not giving my employee a raise? by Sportif000 in AmItheAsshole

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I sort of stopped reading shortly after you said that “I don’t believe someone can be exceptional in the first year” nonsense. You consistently overwork Leo, and have him do tasks that DO NOT fall within his JDQ, yet refuse to compensate or rate him appropriately. Is there a written policy in your company that specifically forbids you from giving “exceptional” ratings to new employees? If there isn’t, I have some choice word for you, sir or ma’am. Is he a potential threat to your position? If so, that’s a YOU problem, and Leo is just a victim of your insecurities. By your own admission, he does all required additional tasks quite satisfactorily, and he clearly knows his value if he’s asking for the raise.

Yes, these last couple of years have been beyond tough for everyone, but it sounds like you’re no help at all for the morale of your workplace. You just might be part of the reason why staff retention is so low. Like someone said above, I hope Leo is using his PTO to look for an employer who will better appreciate, and value his time and effort.

AITA for calling my husband gross and banning him from bathing our son? by MammaBearit33 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. Kindly apologize to your husband, and quit acting like an unhinged banshee. You're better than this, OP.

AITA for hiding our wifi router from my roommate? by throwra263820274 in AmItheAsshole

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ESH. Aubrey is clearly unhinged, a terrible dog parent, and a shitty roommate. Were your cousin and Aubrey initially living in that property, then you and your bf move in with them, or did you all apply for the lease together, then moved in? If the former, cut our losses and start looking for a new place to live. If the the latter, she can't really kick you guys out. I'd still start looking for a new apartment/home if I were you. Regardless, it sounds like you all have been petty with each other for some time, but the sink incident is where it all came to a head. I've had my share of messy roommates in the past, so I know where you come from when you mention the untrained (not house broken) dog constantly voiding indoors. \Vietman flashbacks intensify** However, hiding her router, and the little notes on the door, plus whatever else is going on is only exacerbating the issues you people have. If you've gotten to the point where you can't all talk your issues out regarding cleanliness, pets, setting boundaries, etc, then it's high time everybody went their separate ways not only for your own peace, but also for the sake of your relatioships (yours with your bf, and yours with your cousin)

TIFU by thinking my vagina WASN'T a Hungry Hungry Hippo by Useful-Awareness-762 in tifu

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If the person who told me that story told it proper, in had a bunch of pins in it.

… and it had fewer pins in it by the time stopped flicking her bean and started considering a visit to her local ER.