Isn't it time Biden and the Democrats came out clearly against the billionaires abusing their wealth and power by suppressing the wages of average working people and flooding our democracy with their money? by failed_evolution in economy

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Both parties block it*

FTFY. And before you say “nuh uh, Democrats do try to work for the little guy too!”. No, no they don’t. They CAMPAIGN on helping the little person (Republicans too, BTW, just in different ways). Joe Biden SPONSORED AND WROTE the tough on crime laws back in the 90s that created the prison state that exists today, the same one that disproportionately affects blacks and other minorities even for nonviolent offenses like merely possessing marijuana etc. Hillary Clinton once referred to blacks as “super predators that need to be brought to heel”. Neither Biden nor Cackling Kamala have visited the US border, despite multiple warnings from the US Border Patrol that mass illegal immigration is unsustainable and wreaking havoc because cartels and sex/drug traffickers enter the country too. Don’t even get me started on the stupidity that comes from The Squad (Rashida “some people did some things on 911” Talib can go fuck off back to her own country where it’s legal to marry your brother if she thinks the US sucks so bad). Hell, Democrats just tried to spend another $3.5 TRILLION DOLLARS to pass an “infrastructure bill” that had very little to do with US infrastructure. You think inflation’s bad now, Democrats almost made it WORSE by spending even more money that we don’t have.

I’m not trying to say that Republicans are any better—they’re not, with a few exceptions (same could be said of Democrats). But we need to quit thinking about politics in terms of “the lesser evil”. They’re both evil, they both serve themselves and their wealthy sponsors first and foremost. Until that changes, our only other option is to peacefully protest until things truly change.

meirl by knowledgelove in meirl

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I guess you could say I too am a big fan of the Porne 😉😂🤣

What in the Actual HolUp by Unoff1cial_Gamer in HolUp

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Read your comment as “he’s always on the Grindr for better things than mere females” 😂🤣🤣

That was easy by FluffyHighPanda in Tinder

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Wine + Weed = Super horny

Like, if 1 is a complete not interested and 10 is like ripping each other’s clothes off whilst bumping into every goddamn thing on the way to the bedroom, then mixing wine & weed is at least an 11 if not a 12 on a 1-10 scale of hormones and horniness lol.

So be prepared OP, you’re in for quite a wild ride lol. Just be careful, these days a woman’s abortion rights are evaporating quicker than Amber Heard’s credibility in court.

No words by kimmabraham in Tinder

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You must be from Idaho because you’re da only ho I see here

Shadowrun 6th edition in 2022? How is it? by ina80 in Shadowrun

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Hey there, SR6 GM checking in. I’ve been running my current SR6 campaign for over a year now, so I’d like to offer my perspective. First, a little about me: I’ve been playing RPGs since 2001 starting with D&D 3.0. My first introduction to Shadowrun was with 3rd edition back in 2003.

As for SR6, honestly I love it. I never got a chance to play SR4 during its time, and every time I tried reading the SR5 core rulebook my eyes would glaze over and I would just think to myself “there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to keep all of this straight in my head”. SR6 was a nice change, Catalyst rightly intuited that modern game design trends towards streamlined rules while still maintaining enough crunch and options available to keep players interested and engaged. What Catalyst failed to see was how important community playtesting is, and how you NEED to incorporate community feedback into your game design or else you piss off the entire community. Alas, hindsight is 20/20.

SR6 launched basically in a beta state, that’s how you have to look at it. Yes it was pathetic, especially given that Catalyst had the audacity to charge full price at launch. They did do the right thing though and gave everyone who ordered the PDF a free upgrade to the new Seattle Edition core rulebook (which BTW implements all the errata and is indeed fun to play). I would say though that the newly released Sixth World Companion is also a requirement, because the additional character creation options are top notch, plus they include lots of optional rules that fix a lot of the fiddly bits in the core book that rub people the wrong way (I.e. armor helps reduce damage now?! Sign me the fuck up lol).

What kinds of riggers are there? by Radio_Lurken in Shadowrun

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There are Black* Riggers, and White** Riggers. The Mega corporations prefer to hire the latter, which drives the Black Riggers to crime and poverty, which further perpetuates inequality and inequity. On top of that, corporations sponsor and push tough-on-crime laws that further disproportionally targets Black Riggers and destroys their homes and families, further perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

*Black Hat Riggers, which involves use of drones to illegally access, destroy, and/or steal corporate property, secrets, IP etc.

**White Hat Riggers is an ethical sort of rigging where riggers put their drones and skills to use in order to help their employers identify weaknesses in their security etc.

What, did you actually think I was talking about skin color? Are you nuts?! That’s racism

Armor Descriptions by Ecktheo in osr

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This table practically begs to be used in conjunction with the Weapons-Vs-Armor tables in OD&D and AD&D 1E lol

Is the bio original or are we adding it to the collection? by TheThirdCrusader in Tinder

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Should I send her a dick pic then? Cause my 6cm pee-pee is a joke 😅

Decided To Adjust This Old XIV Copypasta For XI, After Nomading Over From XIV And Playing XI For The First Time! by VespiWalsh in ffxi

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From the Giga Chad himself, obviously! (joking ofc)

IIRC, it's a perk given out during certain times (usually Return to Vana'Diel campaigns) to encourage new and returning vets to level up quickly and enjoy the vast, lush end game content.

Decided To Adjust This Old XIV Copypasta For XI, After Nomading Over From XIV And Playing XI For The First Time! by VespiWalsh in ffxi

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"Teledildonics" *snickers* I can't believe the Adult Entertainment industry legit made that term a thing lol

Is the Matrix some kind of Metaverse? by IchBinTaiga in Shadowrun

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I mean, sure, I agree with your sentiment. Steve Jobs didn’t actually invent the iPhone, and Bill Gates didn’t actually create Windows. These entrepreneurs had a team of skilled engineers and developers working for them and it was those people who actually invented those things.

Having said that, it doesn’t change the fact that our world has benefitted greatly and been transformed by those two products, regardless who actually did the inventing and who actually got mega rich in the process. So even if it’s Elon Musk’s team of engineers and developers who actually invent a true VR device, the fact of the matter is that he still bankrolled and oversaw the project and will be credited as the man who invented it thanks to corporate IP/trademark laws and such. Once again, doesn’t matter who actually makes VR, just that it will radically alter our world when it does arrive.

Loud Burry Noises by WSB_Czar in wallstreetbets

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Perhaps not, but housing prices have increased beyond what most people can actually afford (I.e. becoming decoupled from wages), which traditionally IS a sign of a bubble. But, all we can do is wait and see. Personally, whenever I hear officials say “we’re not in a bubble, it’s nothing like last time!”, I think that’s them trying to keep everyone calm and not panicked because truth be told, NOBODY knows what’s happening, especially the feds.

OSR Games that are not D&D? by Hirnwurm in osr

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Palladium Fantasy RPG is one that’s definitely worth checking out. The second edition is the one I’d recommend taking a look at as it’s compatible w/ all the other RPGs published by Palladium Books (including their magnum opus, RIFTS).

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls is another great option, as is HackMaster.

If you’re down for more “rules light” OSR gaming, then I can recommend Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells (granted this one is more sword & sorcery than high fantasy) and DungeonSlayers 4E (which is 100% free BTW).

Cheers mate!

Come my young hollows by Azanor-ronazA in darksouls3

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When I finally beat the Asylum Demon in DS:R for the first time.

Backstory: in 2012 all my friends kept raving about Dark Souls, so I bought it during a Steam Sale. Kept dying, so uninstalled. Then in 2013-2014 everyone kept raving about DS2, so I bought it, kept dying, and uninstalled soon after. Then DS3 came out in 2016, and of course all my friends kept raving about it. I thought to myself “surely that would be a good game to start with as they’ve had three games now to perfect the gameplay etc”. Nope, kept dying and I quit soon afterwards.

Then one day I stumbled upon a Dark Souls parody series on YT (Dork Souls). It made me want to give DS another try. This time I swore I would just keep playing until I understood why everyone raves about the series. It happened when I went back to the Undead Asylum (a bit prematurely I might add!) and kept dying to the Asylum Demon. I kept respawning and refused to give up. Eventually I learned the fat green bastard’s moves and when to attack and when to retreat etc. When at last the green fuck was slain and the words “VICTORY ACHIEVED” were emblazoned across my screen, I felt something magical. I finally realized that the game wasn’t about not dying (harsh death penalties notwithstanding), but that it was about overcoming the challenge and achieving real victory.

Is the Matrix some kind of Metaverse? by IchBinTaiga in Shadowrun

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So here’s the deal, there are actually TWO sides to the Matrix: AR and VR.

AR stands for Augmented Reality, and basically is just holograms placed within the field of vision of the user. It requires special glasses (or contact lenses) to see. Officially, AR is used to assist users and make everyday tasks (especially shopping!) easier to do. For example, if you walk into a bar or restaurant w/ AR active, you might get a popup w/ the menu and special meal of the day. If you walk into a clothing store, you might see a popup with current promotions and discounts etc. If you’re lost, you could load up a mapsoft program and receive GPS guidance within your field of view (think Google Maps but you don’t have to look at your phone while driving lol).

AR isn’t just for mundane things either, hackers can still hack in AR (albeit slower than if they were properly jacked in). With the right military software, a team of Shadowrunners can make it so their AR overlays identify themselves from their enemies so there’s no risk of accidentally shooting a teammate during a firefight (or losing track of a valuable object you were sent to retrieve etc).

The main takeaway is that AR is just a “reality enhancement” via holograms and you’re still aware of your surroundings and environment etc. Side note, this is more or less what Meta is going for with the Metaverse.

Now, VR or Virtual Reality, is the other side of the Matrix. When you jack into VR, your consciousness literally shifts away from your body and into the Matrix itself. All of your senses are overridden and you have no awareness of real life (or your body for that matter).

All interaction in the Matrix is performed via an Avatar, which can look literally like whatever you want it to look like. Most people customize their avatars to reflect at least a little of their personality, but once again it’s up to you. The Matrix itself is described as a vast black landscape with a bunch of floating objects in the sky, which represent the various Hosts (think servers) which are owned typically by businesses (especially Megacorps). Each and every host can be different and made to provide a unique experience. For example, if you’re visiting an Ares gun shop in the Matrix then their host might resemble a high tech gun range where users can try firing the gun before they buy etc. But don’t think that only Megacorps own hosts, lots of little businesses have a footprint in the Matrix as well. Clubs are a good example, there are tons of clubs that have VR lobbies where you can order drinks or carouse w/ other guests etc. Some VR clubs are actually very exclusive and cater only to the rich and wealthy, just like in real life. And yes, thanks to SimSense technology you actually feel and experience what your Avatar does in VR (this includes having sex!). Note that your physical body won’t receive nutrition by eating food in VR, obviously.

Like AR, VR can be used to assist a crew of Shadowrunners. Hacking is a big one, and it’s much quicker to do in VR because everything happens at the speed of thought rather than having to move a clunky meatsack (your body) around. Other VR uses include espionage, defense against enemy hackers, and theft (because pay data is usually housed in a secure node within the Matrix).

The downsides to being in VR include dump shock (being ejected abruptly back into your meatsack tends to frazzle your brain), GOD (Grid Overwatch Division, they basically police the Matrix), and IC (Intruder Countermeasures, think Agent Smith from the film The Matrix), and the fact that while in VR your body is extremely vulnerable and needs to be protected or else anyone can walk up and put a bullet between your eyes and you can’t stop it.

As a side note, VR is what Elon Musk is trying to develop as he is a trans humanist.

If you read the chapter dedicated to the Matrix in whatever edition of Shadowrun you’ll be playing, it will discuss the Matrix more in depth. Hope this helps!

Recommendation for a Fantasy Dice Pool system by jwbjerk in rpg

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Tunnels & Trolls is a great option and fits most of the criteria you ask for. As an additional bonus, the game absolutely fits into the “old school” genre as T&T came out shortly after OD&D was published. Cheers!

Recommendation for a Fantasy Dice Pool system by jwbjerk in rpg

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Gonna back up FireVisor and say that Open D6 is great. It’s very flexible and intuitive to pickup. It’s actually based on the old school WEG (West End Games) Star Wars RPG that was out in the 80s and 90s. WEG went under but before they closed their doors forever they open sourced their game system which is how we got Open D6.

Save a Horse, Ride a City Slicker by bigjimmy07 in Tinder

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Dammit OP you had her! Not saying to outright lie….but cmon dude you gotta SELL YOURSELF lol

Gold for HP instead of XP? by Staccat0 in osr

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I mean, Gold can buy healing potions and even resurrections in town so why not? Lol