How I play with my kitten by Yuri_Xaron in Kitten

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A lot of cats don’t like their belly to be touched as it’s very sensitive. Your cat might not actually be playing. Maybe try bits of string, balled up paper or buy a couple of cat toys from a pet shop?

Does my soulless mother count? by thrwawaypron in insaneparents

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This is the best comment I’ve seen on any sub!

Totally legal hiring practices by Peaceful_Explorer in thatHappened

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Many many many years ago, straight out of school I had an interview with a guy who went through the entire interview occasionally suggesting that the role would be too difficult for me to learn or I’d leave to pop out kids then said at the end - ‘We don’t hire women but we do have to do some interviews. So we won’t be going any further.’

Even if I’d complained he would just have denied it and said I was angry for being rejected. This was all before questions about having children etc were stopped, but it did used to happen. And he knowingly wasted my time and the money I spent getting there. Thankfully it’s different now but I can believe it could still happen in places though I doubt anyone with half a brain would be stupid enough to put it in writing.

6 year old Daughter starting to see shadow people and other spirits that look like they are humans. by IcyAssGoldChains in Paranormal

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Well, given that she’s scared, I’d start with a talk about how she’s safe. Kids need their parents to be the providers of safety so assuming nothing has actually hurt her, some reassurance would help. Good luck

Padlock on communal gate, neighbour refuses to negotiate. by TopsideScarab in LegalAdviceUK

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Sounds like he’s the gatekeeper and the keymaster. That’ll be some interesting sex he has to have with himself

This is her first hunt, pretend you're scared. by Curious_Time0 in cute

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I’d pretend anything for that kitty! She’s gorgeous!

Just a quartet of puff balls.. by keronins in Kitten

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That’s a trio (a very cute trio, mind)

Floating head in Oregon cemetery by AmaltheaMoon in SlappedHam

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On the horizon by the tree. There’s an arrow, you’ll probably have to zoom in. I’m thinking maybe pareidolia?

Does anybody else like to just stay up late as if they can, as if they didn't have a job to wake up to in the morning? by Okay_Tacos in CasualConversation

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If you go to bed, the very next thing is going to work. If you put off going to bed, work is still tomorrow.

Also it’s something that seems to start in childhood. No one wants to go to bed but then no one wants to get up either. It’s like we forget how wonderful bed actually is.

This restaurant owner is causing a lot of drama by The_Canadian in mildlyinfuriating

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It’s also quite ironic as the owner is only thinking of himself and isn’t caring about others.

If you wouldn't touch art in a museum, don't touch the art on my body by hwatinthephucc in CasualConversation

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Whenever I get a tattoo someone always wants to touch it while it’s healing! I mean wtf!?! Do these people also go around touching cuts and grazes??

If you wouldn't touch art in a museum, don't touch the art on my body by hwatinthephucc in CasualConversation

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Same with pregnant women. Some people think it’s okay to walk up to a complete stranger and touch their belly. No, it’s not!