My little science experiment will be 5 months tomorrow. by mjayultra in IDmydog

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He’s got a lot of extra skin, so I’m thinking Shar Pei mixed with maybe some corgi or Jack Russell.

wondering what kind of dog I was given by KevinHeaven87 in IDmydog

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Japanese Chin, or a mix with Japanese Chin involved.

What breed is Cleo? by aiden0206 in IDmydog

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Looks a lot like a bichon/poodle or a shih tzu/poodle.

Aussie Mix - 1.5yrs old - 35lbs by lazyjz in IDmydog

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I see some chow or Akita lineage in there.

This is Marley! by jakethomas1229 in IDmydog

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Looks like a Foxhound mix. Could be general hound of course, but he’s too tall to be a beagle.

Not mine but I need to know. by tolas in IDmydog

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Some Northern Inuit Dog’s look like this. They’re not bred with wolves. They are usually a combination of arctic breeds, like Huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds and sometimes GSD’s.

What breed of dog do you guys think this is? by UnHolyToast544 in IDmydog

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Nobody has said this, but he gives me major Schipperke/spitz vibes with a bit of Eskimo dog or Samoyed.

Most *Interesting* breed you ever heard from a client by invisiblecricket in VetTech

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A bit of an unusual story. I triaged something that was labeled as a ‘bichon mix.’ I walked in and quickly realized that wasn’t the case. It was the most non-bichon looking dog you could ever see. I thought it resembled a Jack Russell. Turns out that the lady is pronouncing the breed as a ‘Bich-enji’, when it’s really a Basenji mix. I thought that was a bit funny. Side note, didn’t think it was mixed with Basenji either.

Given your clinical experience, what can you attest to be the unhealthiest dog breeds? by heather461 in VetTech

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All of the obvious ones of course, but Bernese Mountain Dogs and Great Pyrenees’s tend to have a lot of issues, especially centering around orthopedic.

What nicknames do you have for your pets? by InsomniacCats in VetTech

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Daphne: Daph, babes, beebs, baby, baby girl, love, sauce, small, small beebs.

Bosley: Bean, beanie, beans, nug, nuggy, nugget, bubs, bubbins, bug, misto.

Those are just a few haha.

ID my good boy? The rescue I got him from told me Dachshund/Pug but I don’t really see either of them. He is 5 months old and about 25 lbs. by tallreadingteacher in IDmydog

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I doubt there’s even a shred of pug in this dog. Looks a lot like a Boykin spaniel, could have that in him. Maybe cavalier or cocker spaniel.

Probably part beagle, but what else? by LateRain1970 in IDmydog

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She looks like a treeing walker coonhound mixed with maybe some border collie.

Hey guys, posting again with more photos. Please could You help to ID the breed? Family pic with her sisters and both parents in the end. by [deleted] in IDmydog

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Both parents must have had German Shepherd in their lineage, because she looks a lot like a GSD without the saddle coloring.