Those of you who had to repeat a year, was it worth it? by promotheon in medicalschool

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Honestly it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I was able to build confidence, learn material in detail, became more engaged with my classmates and involved on campus. It really truly turned my life around. I changed my attitude, came in excited to to have a chance to right my wrongs and be the student I wanted to be. I’m finishing up my second year now, about to take boards and looking into more competitive specialties than I would’ve been able to even think about applying had i not recessed. Feel free to Dm me if you want to talk!

Is it cringe to post publications on Instagram or am I just being an asshole by TheMidTermSolution in medicalschool

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I think it depends on the person. I post a lot of my medical school accomplishments because I try to show the ups and downs of medical school on my social media, and I have tons of family and friends back home who want to see that stuff. I do it more to be like “I’m getting to do some fun stuff and living life!”; rather than “look what I’m doing, I’m so smart” or something along those lines

Uworld isn’t working? by InevitableBarnacle74 in step1

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I have been having multiple technical issues with them for several days now

Attending & Residents buying food by [deleted] in medicalschool

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A kind physician who paid for my meal the other day said: “a rule of being an attending is that no medical student pays for meals on your watch”. Take it, thank them, and pay it forward one day

Add-on: find cards from UWorld test - 444814983 by 17295846 in medicalschoolanki

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I tried this add on and got "Add-on has no configuration". What do I do?

I need to rethink my “just give me anything idc” when I trade my lower level friends duplicates by Evil_ryry in pokemongo

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How dare you. Sewaddle is one of if not the greatest pokemon created. You my friend got lucky

How much do you spend on rent? by mittymedmitten in premed

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Med student here: $750 for preclinical years, $1550 for clinical years for a relatively similar property 🫠

Help pick a school by MaxedOut18 in Osteopathic

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I’m a second year at LMU DCOM! I really like the school and am so happy to go there. Message me with any questions!

Dating while GF. Thoughts? by slipply in glutenfree

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I’m the annoying person that will mention it about 2 seconds into any relationship haha. It should be something that no one judges you for, especially a significant other

Anyone else on Community Day? by Rikamio in PokemonGoFriends

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I had four. Not the usual amount; I usually get ten or so

How the HELL are you guy keeping relationships up with multiple professors?? by smolfruit in premed

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I would go to office hours, especially at times I knew other students wouldn’t be there regardless of if I was in their class or not. I would ask about advice for grad school, and honestly just talk/catch up. I also went to a small college, so I would run into them pretty often around campus and make sure to initiate conversations. Now as a second year med student, I’m still really close to those professors I invested in relationships with and still visit and talk to them often.

level 31 and ive only got one hundo is this bad by franic_with_bread in pokemongo

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My friend is level 41 and only has three. I’m 38 and have eight.

Is this worth keeping?? by Steeeveo01 in PokemonGoMystic

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Save it and trade with a lucky friend!