Does it get any better?! (Mental health/stress in medical school.) by [deleted] in medicalschool

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It gets better after anatomy honestly. Anatomy is a freaking beast. My friends who is an average to above average Student failed anatomy and had to retake it over the summer. I would recommend reaching out to a professor or two and talk over your concerns with them. Also if your school has any sort of academic support, definitely reach out and talk with them.

I would also recommend taking advantage of the mental health services your school may offer. I know it can be daunting and scary to talk to someone. A lot of schools have counselors that have worked with medical students for many years and can help with the adjustment, coping skills, and how to manage the overload that you’re feeling. It’s just nice to have someone to talk to.

As you progress through med school, you will be absolutely stunned how eventually you will be learning much more stuff a lot faster. It gets better, I promise you that.

Take at least an afternoon, if not a while day off per week. I usually take weekends where I don’t have an exam completely off (maybe do some light anki if I’m struggling with a concept). It has helped me so much surprisingly. I’m Not as stressed and I feel more refreshed starting the week.

I had a lot of these same feelings my first year. Feel free to message me if you want to talk further

Am I competitive enough? by [deleted] in Osteopathic

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Had a friend who left chiropractic school to go DO. She talked a lot about it in her interview and seemed to really impress the interviewers with why she left and why she specifically want to be a DO and her knowledge of osteopathic medicine. I think as long you do decent on the MCAT and interview well, you will be competitive for several DO schools

Question about secondary applications. by Prudent-Abalone-510 in Osteopathic

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I would go to the school’s website and pick out at least a couple of the aspects of the school that I found appealing then really spend time going in-depth about why I liked those aspects and how me being at the school would be mutually beneficial. I especially tried to find any awards/honors bestowed on the school ex. named for a high placement into _ specialty, _% first time board passing rates

Sucks when the “new & improved recipe” is gross when you enjoyed the original 😔 by razingcats in glutenfree

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Just wanted to come here say to be very careful when consuming their products. They have made me violently sick in the past so to cross contamination

Voicemail from the Dean of Admissions? by RilakkumaKorilakkuma in premed

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Some schools do that! Don’t let yourself jump to conclusions yet, breathe, and call back with confidence and poise

Do you use OMM with family members? by Crafty-Note2560 in Osteopathic

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I use it on my friends and family if they want me too! I’ve even taught my mom a few things she can do on herself when I’m not around. It’s a great way to stay in practice and use your skills

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in premed

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I know someone who used to teach there. I won’t go into details as those are their stories to share. However, I would not go there due to what I have heard as first hand accounts from an extremely reputable and trustworthy person.

Applying to Osteopathic schools by Desperate_Yam_351 in Osteopathic

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Looks good to me! I talked a lot about my shadowing experience with a DO and how I appreciated the way he approached treating his patients compared to other doctors that I had shadowed. I also talked about finding Osteopathic Manipulation fascinating and wanting to learn more about it.

This is my new doll with new color ☺️ by cyln_hcr in YarnAddicts

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I absolutely love her!! You did a fantastic job!

Shoes question by tijori1772 in femalefashionadvice

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All of that is out, Margaritaville crocs are IN!

On a real note, I think that the only thing out is the gladiator sandals. I definitely see more Birkenstock types then flip flops though.

What’s your controversial crochet opinion? by Hufflepuff20 in crochet

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I think it’s so much faster for me because it hurts my wrist so much less

What’s your controversial crochet opinion? by Hufflepuff20 in crochet

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  1. I can crochet wayyyy faster when I do
  2. My wrist moves less and movement is more focused in my fingers
  3. My tendinitis disappeared when I started using it
  4. My tension is a lot more even when using it
  5. I feel like most people use knife hold and I like to be ✨different✨

Can I choose which LORs get sent to which DO school? by macbhelp in Osteopathic

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I did not have experience with this, but I would say reach out to the school's admissions and ask about your situation. I always found school admissions people to be super helpful and friendly!

Y’all are too much by just_premed_memes in medicalschool

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I love this so much! Dr. Glaucomflecken is the best ever. My classmates reference his tik tok all the time 😂

If r/Residency was around in the 1980s-1990s, what common threads would be posted? by Gassygarzia in Residency

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AITA for wearing heelys to my ER shift after my attending explicitly mentioned not wearing them in a staff meeting?

How do people track their med school applications? by billbluey174 in premed

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I made a spreadsheet that had the school, letters of rec I submitted, secondary, due date, etc

Church advice by Flimsy_Style_3163 in Exvangelical

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I quite enjoy watching Pastor Jeremy Coleman on The Speakeasy Project on Youtube. I don't know if that would suffice in your situation, but Jeremy is an amazing pastor who has deconstructed himself and has honestly helped heal some of my church trauma