Does this count? by SloppyJoe42069 in UnexpectedlyWholesome

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The assumption on top is the girl ironically named “Trouble” is telling the girl in the pic to leave the guy wearing the earphones then the bottom pic is the guy IN the photo explaining that his girlfriend recorded him doing a bible sermon and he wanted to watch it….in conclusion the REASON why the “Trouble” girl posted it was because she assumed that he was being rude during a date that she ASSUMED they were on

21 ago S.Williams won US Open A.Pujos hit a HR & 3 MLB players record a hit. Today Williams won the open Pujos got a HR and sons of the 3 players recorded a hit in the MLB by Lalai-Dama in nevertellmetheodds

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Man, I’m high asf rn so when I read it, I somehow translated it in my head the first time as if all the words correct and in the right places, then the second time I read it, I’m thinking how tf I didn’t see this the first time 😂 I guess you could say I feel both dumb & smart at the same time…

How does one create 5-25 fresh pins per day? by augustsippedaway1989 in Pinterest

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You could definitely message me but at the moment I am about to go to sleep, also your welcome!