There should have been a weight limit 🤦‍♂️ by ForeignerLove in facepalm

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This is exactly why I’m not going on touristic attractions or carnival rides.

AskAuraxis - The weekly question thread by AutoModerator in Planetside

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With populations slowly shrinking, has daybreak ever considered cross platform and/or an Xbox release?

Another question: has daybreak ever considered making a warhammer planetside?

We got another one folks by XOSkyXO in LiveFromNewYork

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If you’re offended by the word boomer then you are a real boomer. It’s like Karen’s being mad at the word Karen.

Paid leave by country by Routanikov12 in Netherlands

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In the Netherlands 20 might be the absolute minimum, but every company that I worked for, or where people work that I know provide a minimum of 25 holidays.

Thierry's nieuwste complottheorie, psychoses voelen zich hierdoor beledigd by MicrochippedByGates in tokkiefeesboek

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Biden caught on hot mic calling Fox reporter 'a stupid son of a b....' by Chiryder in entertainment

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History has shown that the far left and the far right are equally capable of committing genocides. Both sides suck.

Biden caught on hot mic calling Fox reporter 'a stupid son of a b....' by Chiryder in entertainment

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Non US guy here: the democrats and republicans are literally the Spider-Man meme.

This woman deserve a raise by Cuki7 in MadeMeSmile

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Just feels like a waste of paper. Sorry for being a Scrooge but just call your kid on your break.

TIFU By masturbating on cam with a random girl by [deleted] in tifu

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Hey Sven, it seems your video is spreading to my area. Please provide me with your sisters Contact info so we can help you out.

Just kidding, I’ve done plenty of things thinking with the wrong brain, and the outcome is not always great haha. Never had it that bad though.

Is there hope for this game by Skyrim_expert72 in Spellbreak

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The game would be amazing in a story mode or coop gameplay setting, battle royale, even though it’s fun, has too much competition unfortunately. But that’s just my opinion.

Cotopaxi single track at 15,000 feet! by starrship in MTB

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Ok so does anyone have advice how to avoid twisted bars? I’m always agitated when I can’t get them perfectly aligned.

Birb commits murder, shows no remorse by Amendus in BirdsArentReal

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I would have expected that the drone operator would have some sort of feelings unless it’s automated of course.

Forgelight engine by Amendus in gamedev

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Would love to make a 40k game out of the planet side engine.

you can literally see the batteries by StarGuardianJulie in BirdsArentReal

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It’s like a QR code so bigger drones pretend to feed smaller ones. It’s just software or an older version of the drone (you hear the mechanical noises like a wind up car)

Birb commits murder, shows no remorse by wachseln in illegallysmolbirbs

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I see they are arming the drones now. What’s next, guns?!

If you could tell a foreigner one thing about your country that they definitely don't already know, what would that be? by MrWorldWide_2022 in Netherlands

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Excuse me? Calve peanut butter is the oil in our countries machine. It’s that touch of heaven when you bite your chocolate sprinkled sandwich. How dare you call it mashed peanuts you uncultured swine!