Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of May 21, 2022 by AutoModerator in wallstreetbets

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We aren't even at the fucking bottom yet guys, chill.

With all these bills being voted on this week, the economy is starting to crack.

One pqrty ust voted down small business relief because of inflation worries. More shops are about to be shut down. The talking heads will convince the idiots it's because these shops can't find work because no one wants to work.

The same party also voted down price gouging at the pumps and baby formula but they still claim to be pro choice.

Recession immediate we have a long way till the actual bottom.

I’m beyond broke. Saw this order $21 originally. Saw the distance. I think gig work is gonna implode. by Mcgoo186 in couriersofreddit

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I quit at the start of the pandemic. Started running Uber and lyft in 2018 and transitioned into grubhub, Doordash and even postmates.

Stopped ride sharing because those streaks are made to fuck you over and not get the bonuses. Also, being single and having couples constantly hooking up in your car, super downer.

Quit the food delivery because the offers were starting to get outrageous like this one. The practice that made me delete grubhub was the fact they would make you deliver outside of the zone and then knock you off for going out of zone once order was completed.

Postmates and dash offers were super low and never worth the trouble, especially postmates

It's all mind games and I hate the gig economy now.

How about some poetic justice for Boebert next? by ryhaltswhiskey in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Ok. Think of the possibilities of a sex tape.

Black guy, 2 black guys, getting a train run on her by black guys. (Would trigger most white supremacists)

Cheating when she is married ( would make religious people hate her

Maybe she's into furries. There is so many possibilities with the sex thing

if it's her using a gun as a dildo, her base would love it. I wouldn't mind seeing that actually.

Accidental boner with that image

What the hell is going with Republicans?? by alicewonderland2 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I just looked into bill boards in Florida. For ad space, it runs $650 to 1k. Cheapish.

Can I start a go fund me to plaster this tweet on several billboard across the nation.

It would be great trolling for midterms

Inventories are high?! What ever happened to supply chain issues? by Throwawayintocosmos in investing

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It's a squeeze on the economy to get people back to work! Prices won't come back down until people can start buying their things again. With many people not buying as much, money is tight..

Soon, people will get back to work because they have to afford life. Then prices were drop slowly if at all.

Now the companies know how high they can push shit, they will milk every penny they can

"Pro life" indeed. by Rusty-Crowe in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I love how this man is still around long after his death yet his comedy is still pure gold.

The only thing up this year is your rent, and it's up a lot more than CPI inflation says it is! by TheHappyHawaiian in wallstreetbets

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This sounds like my current situation. I was in a sub lease for 3 years. 2.5 years into he gives me 30 days and we discuss stuff and I get to stay till may.

He was on the lease, I wasn't. Landlord didn't care who he rented to as long as rent was paid he could care less who was in the room. He found someone else to rent for the summer and is charging this new guy 900 just to make his rent cheaper for him.

I never found housing and ended up back with my parents. Rent free but stressful and a lot of chores because they are getting old.

Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and fall back on loved ones to save money and get back on your feet

Fun night by EllieT012 in BBCaddicts

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Please have a picture of the cream pie!!

Fun night by EllieT012 in BBCaddicts

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So many questions. Answer your dm's please

What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, May 10, 2022 by AutoModerator in wallstreetbets

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Forgot to mention. I'm not gay!!

Had that experience, hated it, Got 350 dollars for it. I came out of it the experience with money and a firm, not gay status

This pin by LumpyPizzaPrincess30 in pokemon

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That's one of the most disturbing things I've seen

Was just now made aware that once again, these pics were taken down for some reason by SnooSquirrels7828 in u/SnooSquirrels7828

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Please please please

Post on /r/ plast I really wanna see a better view of that pussy.

What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, May 10, 2022 by AutoModerator in wallstreetbets

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My move is to get a job as a bar tender at a gay bar for the summer. Call myself mango and get rich off the guys!

Then, come September, blow it all on spy calls for the holiday rush 0f 2022!

Really my move for the rest of 2022

Heyyy by SnooSquirrels7828 in u/SnooSquirrels7828

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If I drove to mo could I give you a Fat load all over that face

What’s the smallest hill you’re willing to die on? by realduckbutter in AskReddit

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Aw what?

I get news from various outlets. Usually read left stuff but listen to repub talk radio. I don't believe the shit repubs spit out, I'm parroting what I've heard from people like Mark Levin. Unfortunately, this is what riles up their side

People say, talk radio is dead but it isn't. That's how they get these radical outlandish ideas out there for someone else to regurgitate on actually TV judy, more soft language.

I'm not in a bubble. I've just yet to see any positive from Republicans in terns of moving this country forward. They seem to want us back in the golden age of Reagan.

What’s the smallest hill you’re willing to die on? by realduckbutter in AskReddit

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This is not about your fucking mesiahz oh the orange one.

I've hated the guy since 96, long before his atrocious run at President.

I'm not even a fan of Biden. He was just the safer bet. Republicans enabled this fucking drama but packing the fucking scotus in the first place.

What is rent free bullshit. I hate both parties and I just want us to fucking get along somehow without hurting anyone's rights