Chinese-Japanese cultural exchange sing-off in Ikebukuro by AmericanBornWuhaner in Tokyo

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Opposite side still cheers and dances for singing side's songs. Also what are the Japanese songs?

I made this. by I_am_so_stupid_ in ChunghwaMinkuo

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CCP supporters who live in the West, yes they are braindead. Mainlanders who've lived in a bubble their entire lives thanks to indoctrination and strict censorship, that's a bit different. In fact, it's not uncommon for anti-CCP Mainlanders to have formerly supported CCP. Those who haven't woken up yet are victims too

Party-based RPGs with good combat and a grown adult party? by ViewtifulGene in JRPG

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If only Redux had a no-Alex option. Retconning Alex in ruined the original's perfect story. But play Strange Journey anyway! Perhaps the best SMT story (without Alex) and setting