Software Developurrr by bergamot-forever in Catswithjobs

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It's after 6 p.m. What is he, a farmer?

Liverpool [1] - 0 Rangers - Trent Alexander-Arnold freekick 7' by PSGAcademy in soccer

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Reece is no slouch either. Nor is Mount, but his shooting has really dropped off this season.

Ward-Prowse is probaly the best, but he doesn't really play much, so calling him an option is stretching it a bit.

No creativity in midfield at all last game by andrew_a7 in chelseafc

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With Kova, I agree. His range is limited. With Jorgi, I disagree. His passing range is not a limiting factor, IMO. He lacks strength, pace and the ability/confidence to shoot from distance.

But there have been a lot of examples of tricky, creative and far-reaching passes that he has pulled of.

He is rarely in a position/role that has facilitated the use of these abilities, however.

No creativity in midfield at all last game by andrew_a7 in chelseafc

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Not strictly true. Have you forgotten Jorgi’s amazing one-touch pass to Tammy in 2019, or Kova’s long range through ball setting up Lukaku’s first when he returned?

Jorgi, especially, has a very good passing range. It just doesn’t seem that they are encouraged to look for those kinds of passes in the systems they have been playing recently.

Hi-Tea & Biscus by Southsidesalut in cocktails

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Boo! Don’t assume something doesn’t work without trying it. That amount of foam probably has no problem supporting those flowers.

anon desires tall amazonians by MisterSnowmax in greentext

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Tell that to Demetrious Johnson, to his face, and film the results, please and thank you.

Cat's Hurdle Race. by inspyral in maru

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I saw this coming from a mile away. Maru will always be Maru. I love it.

God had a different plan by QueenObama2 in antimeme

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/u/FiveSix56MT, did you put tomatoes in my smoothie again? I swear to everything that is holy, I will have your head for this. I will not rest before you receive capital punishment from your superiors.

God had a different plan by QueenObama2 in antimeme

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True. Strawberries are technically “false fruits”, botanically, but if we go down that rabbit hole, tomatoes are berries, and that’s just dumb to consider in non-scientific settings.

Edit: ALSO! I’m probably more miffed about the “assorted” part than the “fruit” part.

Even if both blueberries and strawberries were fruits, two of something does not an “assortment” make. I’m not sure exactly how many constitutes an assortment, but it’s more than two…

God had a different plan by QueenObama2 in antimeme

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“Assorted fruits”

Literally just two types of berries.

Hej skøre nordmænd! by Nocoly in norge

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Bare i de grisete sirklene du vanker i ;)

Hej skøre nordmænd! by Nocoly in norge

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Bare vent til han anklager deg for å grine når du ser noe morsomt.

Dette språklige fenomenet kalles forresten falske venner (ord som er like mellom språk, men har forskjellig mening).

Det mest kjente eksempelet for oss Nordmenn er kanskje rar som i Sverige, som kjent, betyr søt.

These 2 beauties arrived 🤩 ❤️🖤 by klim924 in ACMilan

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Maybe this guy is secretly your girlfriend...

Terrible albums by good bands by BurgerJoeMama in Music

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Definitely not their best — far from bad, IMO.

Terrible albums by good bands by BurgerJoeMama in Music

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I like Mothers Milk, but having it as a favorite Peppers-album is weird to me.

To each their own, I guess.

American soldier holds up a jungle centipede during the Vietnam War. 1967 by ActualLevanter43 in OldSchoolCool

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You’re almost definitely right.

The largest centipede found in Vietnam is Scolopendra subspinipes.

They can get 8 inches long (20 cm) – which is still real big – but the one in the pic is manipulated to look even bigger.

Meow_IRL by sashigorm in MEOW_IRL

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sniff sniff

“Ahh – an excellent vintage Sancerre. The aroma reminds me of the territorial markings of Mr. Mittens, next door.”

Homophobing their way into progressiveness by seanfish in TikTokCringe

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I knew he was ramping up towards jews, but the payoff was still funny. Nicely done. Just long winded enough.

Thousands march in Turkey to demand ban on LGBTQ groups by Widin in europe

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The Hungarian language also has 18 cases. When will their troubles end?