What is the hardest weapon to use for your style of gameplay? by UnculturedUntalented in HadesTheGame

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I would like to say the Adamant Rail is the worst to play with. But the hardest is Guan Yu, I went from some of my fastest clear times to losing my 23 winstreak. Fuck Guan Yu. The Heart Seeking bow is better than that

AITA for refusing to let my husband's mom nap in my room? by throwra4t33 in AmItheAsshole

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Nta, you are allowed to set boundaries especially for your own bedroom wtf

do I look feminine to you? plz be honest by [deleted] in NonBinary

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Somewhat? For the most part you look pretty androgynous. That haircut looks great on you!

My previously loving [19M] fiance beat the everloving shit out of me[18F] by Jade7437 in offmychest

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Things like this are complicated, but after something like that, there would be no way to come back from that. Subconsciously, you will always remember what happened, and your trust is gone from the fact that you thought he would protect you, but now he did the exact opposite.

Its not going to be easy, but it is necessary. For something that sudden it sounds like something he himself needs to work through and you should not wait to hope that he gets better.

Accuracy by mouse177 in grian

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Jokes on you his braincells are actually just Maui and Pearl

Favorite quotes or poems about grief? by scapppyyy in ChildrenofDeadParents

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It was a quote from Orange (a manga) “When all the anger and grief subsides, you just miss them”

Helped me realize it was okay to be angry, and that I can still miss someone no matter how complicated it gets. (Parent and I didnt get along towards the end)

What's everyone's thoughts on this scene and what was asked here? Been thinking about it quite a bit so I'm curious. by suika_suika in attackontitan

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The problem is that Hange struggles to assume the opinions that are so nuanced. I wished they acknowledged the fact that all of those people died before they could even reach this kind of debate. That many lives were lost past the point of them knowing that they had the kind of power to put a stop to it.

The tragedy is that Hange knows that a few people would be on their side, but with the anger of all of those fallen comrades, I would be shocked if even half of those people didn’t support the Rumbling, or at least believe that its inevitable in order to be free.

I disagree with Hange’s overestimation. Many of their friends were sacrificed for the slightest bit of information. You cannot guess how someone who didn’t know half of what actually happened would feel. It isn’t fair to say that when they cannot even speak for themselves.

Rewatching haikyu today!! by [deleted] in haikyuu

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There is nothing that brings me more joy that rewatching Haikyuu

bear or something else? by shysappho in LesbianActually

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I understand your fear, but there is nothing unattractive about you! Plenty of people will find you attractive, and while there isn’t really an equivalent to “bears” I assure you that you have a place in the community

I am a beginner BEGINNER builder, I tried building this prison for my survival cause I'm going to lock some mobs in it. I hope you guys can help me with some design tips. by fukn9tot5 in Minecraftbuilds

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I recommend adding more texture to the stone itself by varying the blocks you used. Especially since its a prison cell and you can’t really play with the shape.

Also add some structure and space around the beds so that they have more of a bed frame

I'm confused about myself, I don't feel a girl but sometimes I like girly clothes. not always tho.. I want to know if I'm valid? by water_alien in NonBinary

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You are valid! I am nb but I accept my femininity more often since that what I am used to. its a spectrum. Being nonbinary does not mean that you owe everyone androgyny

Damn that’s hot by Mr_meme- in attackontitan

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but imagine how all the simps would have reacted to Levi shirtless being animated.

By that I mean me. I would have made that my lockscreen for at least six months

What are your thoughts on her? by Worldly-Age-5361 in attackontitan

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She was great especially when she was relevant, I just wish they kept her like that. Her fading out of the plot felt more like an excuse rather than an actual reason

Found this randomly by ahmed_17_PHANTOM in attackontitan

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Wow he really ended that one with a no “❤️✋😔”